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  1. The whole point is that you are in search of maximizing your expected win rate right? Well...granted you may be the best at the moment, this doesn't indicate that a raise is the best play, and in many cases i can see raising here as, perhaps not -EV but certainly less +EV than if you simply called. Here's why: Since you don't figure to isolate (poster said they are weak opponent, and therefore are more inclined to call the double raise), you are better off keeping the pot small. In poker, over the long run, your profits is the sum of all of your opponents mistakes less the sum of your mista
  2. he has 55% chance to imrove to a better hand, not equity though...in this case he has about 5% equity edge...he's contributing 50% of the money in the pot because its heads up, but he expects to get back 55% of it..so he has 5% equity edge...thats what equity is
  3. How can you possibly advocate folding 68s getting 5 to 1 Immediate odds preflop? Thats an absolutely horrible play if you fold there. Granted it's against only two other opponents, there are still significant implied odds compared to the pf odds. $1 to call where with the right flop you can win $20+...not a snowballs chance in hell would any winning limit player fold in this spot (not saying youre not or anything...you know what i mean) hell, Keith i guess they call you, I call this with 68o, much more so with 68s. As far as the flop action goes, a fold here is again...TERRIBLE! It seems a
  4. I know a lot of people on this site don't like 2+2 and associates a whole lot, but I for one do. In one of the books written by Mason Malmuth, he writes an essay called: "whats important" I think you should go read that. What your asking really isn't important and doesn't really affect your win rate at all, which is of course the bottom line.
  5. Interesting...Take what I say with a grain of salt as I don't really play too many tourneys, simply because party is my main site and well...we all know the structure their sucks so...Anyways, in the first hand, I think a bet is almost mandatory, a nice solid continuation bet at this pot will more than likely take it down. What you're afraid of is getting CR'd by the sb and not allowing you to draw at your hand...but put it this way, you check, you're opponent may well bet out on the turn with middle pocket pairs here or even just KQo thinking your weak...forcing you to lay your hand down the
  6. The ONLY time you really want to 3 bet AQo is when there is under the following circumstances:a: no limpers, someone open raises in middle to late middle positionb: noone between you and the raiser cold callsc: you have positionLike say youre on the button and hold the A Q , and its folded to mp+2 who open raises, then the cut off folds...i'd say, if the raiser wasn't a very conservative player, that 3 betting WOULD be considered standard...but out of the small blind with a limper? Not only that, but you hvae NO clue what the BB has and by late position player raising even though someone alr
  7. I'm not to sure what you liked about that flop other than it being rainbow...you said yourself the game was weak passive...if they're weak, bad players, which you'll most likely find at 1/2, they'll limp with all sorts of garbage. Plus, the thing about this flop is this: this flop either a) gave your opponents a straight draw, B) gave your opponents overcards or c) gave your opponents a pair. All not likely to get them to fold. A C/R here in my opinion is a bad play simply because you don't figure to get yourself heads up with the pf raiser. Plus, given what you said about the pf raiser, h
  8. You have hung on to skalanski's sack for too longAlright i'm going to clear this up once and for all.SOWhatKid has consistantly said that Sklansky sucks and that everyone who reads his books looses money.I said that Sklansky does NOT suck and that many people consider his books the staple of their poker diet. i said that reading his book does NOT guarantee you losing money. And i think it's ridiculous that you claim that! You dont' ever back up your statements with any proof and none of your posts add ANYTHING to any type of discussion. I'm sure the majority of the quality posters on this
  9. to the op...why don't you just reach through the screen and slap daniel in the face for crying out loud...did you really rank Jdags21 over him? come on! the guy plays 100/200, compared to 4000/8000...granted daniels game is a mix, i guarentee you if the big game were straight lhe, jdags21 would get crushed and daniel would still have his modest winnings. Im not arguing with the other suggestions such as jen harman and the others you have there...but daagostino is nothing compared to Daniel. Not even close in my opinion.
  10. what the hell is goosefraba??? am i the only one who doesn't know what this is?And, by what he said, it really doesn't sound like it has to do with Lori..he siad its going to "blow" us away...??? that tells me either someone took him up on his challenge, some rich businessman garbage player, and COMPLETELY sucked out on dn making him lose the match...OR, maybe it DOES have to do with Lori and he found out about something terrible that she has done...oh well, guess we'll find out in due timeJust my guess...Good luck Daniel, as already stated 257 times, things will get better.
  11. Use the converter next time you post! Sheesh! And cap betting preflop! C/R the turn!Sorry. I'm so delirious from lack of sleep I think I'm seeing things. And I'm stuck at work for another two hours. I'm pretty sure I can move objects with my mind at this point. LOL im pretty sure i can move objects with my mind!!! hahahahathe sad thing is i know EXACTLY what you're talking about
  12. hahaha christ...one funny mo fo...btw...this is slappy110, i got kicked off this thing a month ago lol dont ask
  13. this is a tough one, it really depends on what type of player your opponent. Assuming he's of average skill at that level, perhaps a little more aggressive than average, my money says that the BB has kj spades, or AA, and you have KQ.More info on the BB would help i think...
  14. good joke...genuinely funny and original. Im still laughing my ass off
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