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  1. Wondering if anyone knew this? Apologies if this has been talked about already. Cant seem to find it.edit: nvm i found some info. What other sites are at this network?
  2. Where do you see this show? TV or internet?
  3. Binbs


    I deposited some money into FCP and started playing there NL games once in a while.What I really like about it is that there are a ton of 3-5 max tables and the private tables are used quite a lot. But I also want rakeback if possible.Anyone know if there is another skin site to the pokerroom network that offers good rakeback?
  4. Can anyone tell me what big money tourneys there are on Party Poker during the weekends. I can find 500k and 750k but those are only every month right?Cant seem to see any big tourneys tonight.
  5. hey yea. I used to play on Prima a lot. Ive moved to Cryptologic tho, since there are so many fish there.
  6. Im sure there are lots of ppl who have made 10 times buyin in a days playing. I was looking for averages tho.
  7. Whats the BB in a NL game? 2/4 BB is 4 then correct?
  8. I'm sorry I meant how many buyins you profit playing NL per day/session.Assumming of course that one buyin is 100 x BB.
  9. Simple question really. How many buyins do you usually make in NL in one session or day.Id like to know what you usually make a day playing NL in average. The most Ive ever made is like 10-12 buyins at 0.5/1. Course it gets harder as you move up in limits.
  10. You guys need to stop acting like DNs attorneys. It looks like a friendly wager to me. Read the blog first.
  11. Binbs

    started a blog.

    Hi everyone, dont know how many of you follow blogs. But I just started a poker blog on blogspot.com. The URL is http://ephemerisaleatorius.blogspot.com/ Hope to have people post comments when I start posting hands on there. Good luck in 2006. My 2006 started real good with prolly the biggest pot I will win in a while.Game #1252362054: Hold'em NL ($2/$5) - 2006/01/01 - 23:41:24 (UK)Table "Vail" Seat 6 is the button. Seat 1: Cazador ($245.50 in chips)Seat 2: casashoe ($242 in chips)Seat 3: Maddogmop ($1306.26 in chips)Seat 4: Irishjohn ($294.92 in chips)Seat 5: ThePPlaya ($304.50 in chips)Seat
  12. Seems to me at first glance that heads up play really only can become profitable at the 3/6 or above level. I would recommend that you start consistently playing HU at 5/10 so the rake doesnt take that much.
  13. Well I definately thought that I could get him to lay it down on the turn with a big raise.I was sure that he hadnt hit anything untill he reraised all in, and I figured it screamed more strength to smooth call on flop and check raise on turn.
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