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  1. Yeah, blackie, I am sure you wish you did take that bet, and yes I would have paid, because we would have found an intermediary to take the bets via an online site before awarding the cash. Unfortunately you didn't take the bet. I hope you can wallow in the fact that you were right.
  2. That's why I think you and the Wynn can do something for poker........
  3. Sum, are you that stupid? You are the reason why I win at poker.Joe
  4. Jesus,I can't believe that I got all the flames, here. The fact is, times have changed. 1000 means like 300 back in 75' when the events were first being played at the series. IMHO the buy ins need to be adjusted for inflation. In addition, I thnk that HE should be the most commonly played tourney in the WSOP, but not to the extent which it is currently dominating poker. WSOP is not what it used to be, and I, for one, would like to see an alternative. I am not even suggesting a direct competition with WSOP---hold the tournament in January or august for all I care, but I think there needs
  5. Daniel,It's obvious that the World Series of Poker is a joke. As the "ambassador of poker," I think this could be an opportunity for you and t he Wynn to work together to make the real World Series of Poker. Call it whatever you want, but I think if you got the big name players to boycott the WSOP and got some media behind a month-long series of tournaments at the Wynn, you could really change poker around. A series of events with a minimum 5k buy in for all events with a final event culminating with a 30k plus final tournament could really bost itself as the "World Championships of Poker.
  6. Hey Blackie,I'l lay you 3-2 that it WAS indeed benyamine. You can take the field. Put up or shut up, son. If we can find an intermediary here to xfer cash to and confer with Daniel, I am more than happy to take the bet. JoePS Teneight, I don't post much these days. Hope everything is going well.
  7. It was indeed benyamine. No question, really. I would lay 3-2 or more that is was. A friend of mine played him HU 200/400, crushed him for 17k.....
  8. I disagree with your assessment on so many levels. I would be more inclined to bet the following boardsJ-T-2K-4-TA-3-4Why? Because if I get raised I am far more confident I am beat. Against a more passive and predictable player I am going to bet this flop, as well. The combination of his extreme aggressive nature, the board texture and that I don't want to play a huge pot with a vulnerable hand calls for a check here. I can understand betting the flop and then check-folding the river, but the problem is I am going to end up folding the best hand a LOT. If you want context on this player
  9. Pokerstars 11 rebuyI had just moved to this table, and I was unhappy to see villian at table. Villian is maybe the most aggro player I have ever seen, and is constantly playing the 10/20 NL tables on pokerstars. A friend of mine has played with him frequently and my strategy was going to be to trap him at my earliest opportunity. Seat 1: Hero (29519 in chips) Seat 2: (29730 in chips) Seat 3: (27713 in chips) Seat 4: (9310 in chips) Seat 5: (9200 in chips) Seat 6: Villian (20223 in chips) Seat 7: (13950 in chips) Seat 8: (27810 in chips) Seat 9: (
  10. Ur fcked dude. No way can you put him on JT here. All your chips are going in. ***That said, you need to analyze his range and how aggro he is going to be here.On the turn the board reads A-K-X-Q. What is his range here after he raise on the flop? Well because he actually had JT I think he could have any 2 paints, a set, or a baby ace. Against that range you need to figure out what will make him lose the most when he is behind. I think on the turn you can do a couple things1) Smooth call and check to him on the riverThis works great if he has a stone bluff and also if he has a huge han
  11. I'm sitting here waiting for a tourney to start and I am bored so I thought I would start a thread of the greatest top 10 final tables of all time to see what people came up with. I'm sure I am missing some good ones that are smaller buy ins or are forgotten but here are mine, some names omitted:1980 WSOP:Stu Ungar, Johnny Moss, Jay Heimowitz, Doyle Brunson, Gabe Kaplan, Doyle Brunson1987 WSOP: Lederer, Chan, Harrington, Mickey Appleman, Jack Keller, Bob Ciaffone1988 WSOP:Chan, Seidel, Brenes, Cloutier, Jim Betchel, Jesse Alto1999 WSOP: Goering, Furlong, Seed, Seidel, Bigler, ParkinsonWPT Se
  12. Barry would be a good favorite in Razz, PLO, but the game where his edge would be biggest is 2-7 NL. Barry alluded to it and daniel said there is one game where he would be concerned. Thats it.pzJoe
  13. The hell is (SW)?flame on, I missed the day where this was defined.Joe
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