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  1. Yep, we're from Arizona. The guy I'm thinking of went to Westwood High School. If it's him, good for him. If not, good for him anyway.Oh no. Trav didn't go to Westwood. It's such a common last name so I'm not surprised if there was another Travis Scott in the Valley.
  2. I haven't heard anything from Travis since dinner so I'm thinking that's a good thing. Usually he lets me know if he gets knocked out. Yep, we're from Arizona. Hahaha!! Does that mean I get the day off? So far in the tournies he's played in I think he's faired alright. He's won more then a couple satilites but nothing near the scale that he's playing right now.
  3. That sucks DN, are you going to give us Travis updates? Will do.
  4. Hey this is Travis's wife. I just got an update from him. At the moment he's at 13,000. They are currently on break for the next five minutes or so.
  5. I think she knew what she was getting in to before marrying DN :-)It's not really for me to answer for Lori but I agree with the above. As I'm married to a poker player who is a pretty busy man besides that I've always seen it as he's working. Sometimes he'll have to pull an all-nighter at the tables or go to California for a tourney. It's just how this lifestyle works and from what I know of Lori I'm pretty sure she's fairly laid back about that sort of stuff.
  6. Hey Lori and Daniel, You know you have my congratulations! The wedding was absolutely beautiful! I'm sorry we didn't get to stay very long afterwards, we probably missed a lot of fun stuff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your honeymoon . She was there.
  7. Congrats on your first cash Daniel!! Good luck today!
  8. Chip counts accourding to Pokerwire:Place Poker Player Chip Count 1 Daniel Negreanu $ 40,000 2 Jay Heimowitz $ 28,000 3 Joe Sebok $ 27,000 4 Eddy Scharf $ 24,000 5 Gary Lent $ 23,000 6 Cyndy Violette $ 22,000 7 Kenna James $ 20,000 8 Chip Jett $ 20,000 9 Brett 'Gank' Jungblut $ 18,300 10 Phillip Penn Sr $ 16,000 11 Senthil Kumar $ 15,000 12 Jason Steinhorn $ 13,000 13 Allie Prescott $ 12,000
  9. One of my friends at work were looking at a few different high rises to move into. The one she liked was starting at $280,000. for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath 1100sq ft basement model. Not bad but it's been a while so I'm sure the price has gone up by now.
  10. I don't thin paypal will transfer to gambling sites.
  11. Alf........i really like your idea.............What would be the game.........................(going along with the mass amounts of periods that seem to be popular).....................It would be cool if it were a mix game like the tourney they took out.
  12. Nice quote, John Lennon right? I agree with what bearshadoe said. I just think that it's also easy to get frustrated when nothings going your way to begin with. Then when you try to vent about having a rough time of it a hundred people come out and say you're a sore loser for getting your irritations out. Isn't the purpose of the blog to get into Daniel's world, feel what he's feeling? If so why the heck do we chastise him for being human? It's not like any of us haven't complained about a bad run, we've got a whole section dedicated to it: http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...wfor
  13. Cardplayer's commentary on Daniel's last two big plays:Date / Time: 2005-07-01 20:15:00 Title: Negreanu Busts One Log: Daniel Negreanu and his opponent were both all in preflop. Negreanu showed the Ad-Qh, and his opponent showed the Ah-Jd. The flop came Ks-5c-2s, and Negreanu had the lead in the hand. The turn paired kings when the Kc hit, and all Negreanu had to do was dodge a jack to eliminate his opponent. The river brought the 8d. No bad beat this time for Negreanu, he gladly scooped his opponents chips, and sent him to the rail. Date / Time: 2005-07-01 20:17:00 Title: The Wrong Move at th
  14. Not so fast my friend!!My house to clean itself. Yeah, that would be great.
  15. Cheerios....mmm..wait I have some!!!For my made hand to not be destroyed on the river.
  16. I like this quote and I thought it would be fitting to post it here. It is not the critic who counts,nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled,or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;who strives valiantly;who errs and comes short again and again;who knows great enthusiasms, great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring
  17. Milk just totally shot through my nose. He always finds the oddest things to say.
  18. I like Maddox too. My friend's have a webcomic about a bunch of video game loving semi- college kids. It's pretty funny but I'm into that sort of stuff so what do you expect. :-) Anyway it's http://graveyardshift.keenspace.com/.
  19. I did that when I was there too. LOL. :oops:
  20. Watch out Travis from love from a minor!Jail bate! Jail bate!!!
  21. Second that. Particularly the Cheescake Factory's anniversary Godiva Cheesecake.
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