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  1. Hey,The same thing happened to me and I also quit playing at Pacific because of it. I made a horrible mistake that hopefully you don't make. See how it says to take out withdraw the money before December 13th? Make sure you withdraw it before that. I got the same email from Pacific so I thought I'd play a lot and then transfer the little amount of money (about $215) to a good tourney site and start up a tourney bankroll off of that. Well, I kept the money in my account until after the date they had set thinking that it would still be there but they just wouldn't add any more money because the
  2. Hey,I haven't been lurking around these forums for a long time as I have been extremely busy with school and other activities. I started reguarly checking the forums about 2 months ago and today I finally realized that something was missing. Where's Smash? I remember Smasharoo used to post on this forum a long time ago and if you posted anything stupid, he was sure to flame you. I haven't seen him around lately. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong forum? Maybe he doesn't post in general anymore or something. If anyone has any information to the whereabouts of Smash, I'd really appreciate it. Oh and
  3. Hey,I have had very good experiences with talking with the pros. The only one who seemed pretty standoffish and didn't really talk was Johnny Chan. One piece of advice that I could give you is that most pros/celebrities don't like to be bothered when they're eating. The only professional I've ever seen not bothered by it was when Dirk Nowitzki signed all of those autographs for that kid a couple years ago on Punk'd. Other than that they'd rather you wait until they were done eating to approach them. Hope this helps.
  4. Yo. I'm happy to hear about your great finish. The one thing that I want to express though is to get your education. I'm speaking from firsthand knowledge as I am only 21 but have dropped out of college for a year and a half and then rejoined to get my degree. I dropped out in the first place because I was playing too much poker. Luckily, I was able to get back in and have since been playing sporadically and keeping a level head about it. I know that once I start playing again like I use to, I'll end up wasting a semester's tuition ($17,000. I go to the U. of Michigan. Out of state) and my par
  5. No, I didn't post this same post three weeks ago. I understand your argument Dubey but I do think that the "nuts" do come around often enough that if you know how to bet, then you should be able to extract the maximum amount of chips from your opponent. Now if you don't have the nuts then you would definately have to be more careful. If you have a strong hand i.e. 2 pair or sucker straight, you might be forced to just call down instead of putting all of your money into the pot. This part would require you to be able to read people decently well but if you don't want to only go in with the nuts
  6. Hey y'all. So I was arguing with my friend about which advantage would be better in texas hold'em. 1. Knowing what the cards are going to be on the flop, turn, and river or 2. Knowing what cards everyone possesses at the table. I argued that knowing what cards would be on the flop, turn and river would be a better advantage. My reasoning for this argument is:1. You could be a tight player and only go all in only when you know that you have the nuts. The important thing to learn here would be betting strategy. If you followed this hand selection process then I don't see how you could lose. I
  7. This is better than TV. Seriously, if you have fulltilt get on and watch these guys. There is definately a mutual hatred now.
  8. Wow. Mike just called an $11,000 bluff on the river with A high to take down a $30,000 against Spirit. Spirit only had Q high. Nice call by Mike.
  9. yeah. he hit a flush. The way it was played seemed as if Phil had top two or a lower flush. I think he would have raised the turn if he had straight on turn.
  10. Ivey is just too good. I've been watching for about 2 hours now and its very difficult to put him on a hand.
  11. Yo check out Phil Ivey on Ful tilt right now. He's playing Spirit Rock heads up at the 50-100 no limit table. Pretty interesting.
  12. I don'y necessarily agree with you when you say that you would sit down with them and put your bankroll against their's. If you had say a $50,000 bankroll they could wipe you clean in one hand and not even care. I do agree with you about how sick it is that these guys throw around money like that. When I was in vegas, I would see people sit at the 2-5 nl table with $10,000. Kind of intimidating to a guy that bought in for $200. Oh well...
  13. booboom

    the island

    I'm glad you liked it Devilslide. What about you Marion? I saw it again today and I can't believe that I still get shivers at certain parts during the movie. I expect to see it again this week with some other amigos. I can't believe I'm such a nerd for this movie. Oh well...
  14. booboom

    the island

    Hey devilslide did you end up seeing the movie? If so what are your thoughts? Did you see it marionsauce?
  15. booboom

    the island

    Hey devilslide did you end up seeing the movie? If so what are your thoughts? Did you see it marionsauce?
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