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  1. GOHAR!!!!!! I wonder what the poor people are doing!
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned on here before, very interesting article here.It's about Haralabos Voulgaris and betting on the NBA. On his blog he investigates the Tim Donaghy scandal.
  3. Thanks to all of you that posted birthday wishes on my Facebook, it's nice to have great friends like you.I wish I could drink at work right now.Vodka Red Bulls are going to be the end of me.Peace.
  4. I played in the $1,000+100 event at the Canadian Open Poker Championship in Calgary on the weekend.I made the 8-hour drive after work on Friday and arrived in Calgary at 3:00am. The tournament was scheduled to have 3 different start times at 3 casinos to accommodate the entries. I started at the first casino at noon and we only had 50 entries. Dennis Phillips was at my table and Gavin Smith was at the one next to it.Pretty uneventful first half of the tournament, stayed above average stack and made a few moves on Phillips. Then they decided to move the remaining players to the other casino to
  5. It's pretty popular here, I haven't done it yet. One weekend last month, there was a huge organized river float and it was estimated that over 1500 people were on the river.I'd rather go to the lake and cruise on the boat.
  6. Yes, its the same girl from last year. She spent pretty much the whole trip with her friend, hungover from the first night, in the room. I didn't see much of them that trip.I need another Vegas fix.
  7. Life is good.Been busy working, doing stuff for the house and planning a wedding.
  8. Where's Renae?Where did Norm go?
  9. Strippers...Bachelor party in Vegas sounds like fun.
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