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  1. and i know theres all kinds of threads about music and poker, but if youre blazed try listening to sigur ros and playing poker. Oh and when I play high I always put on my sennheisers. I reccomend them to all smokers.
  2. a friend of mine grows... its suprisingly easy to dowhat i do when i smoke is play one sit and go to see what kind of mood i'm in... if i win the first im usually on my game for hours after that. id say regardless though toke up cause it can make poker real fun. I agree with all previous posters about what it does to their game. That means its scientifically proven.
  3. Booface

    beer challenge

    I don't drink much because I prefer THC but tonight I am drinking with 15 russianswish me luck
  4. Im about to go drinking with 15 Russians
  5. Booface 30+3 5-person sngs pacific
  6. Daniel's pic looks like he got high about two hours previous
  7. Booface

    a puzzle

    So say there are 100 people in the world. We rank them in order of IQ, 1st being the dumbest and 100th being the smartest. Define smart as smarter than average. Define the average as the mode - the 50.5th person. So all people ranked 51-100 are "smart." Define most as the majority. Smarter than most smart people is then people ranked 76-100. That is, the top 25% of the population (ranked by IQ) are smarter than most smart people.
  8. Walk in the rain from cowboy bepop is one of the greatest songs ever
  9. I found a local card room that doesn't require a license, you just to have pass an audition. I think I'm going to go for it - at least for a couple months.Anyone ever dealt professionally?
  10. Anyone know how much poker dealers make?
  11. http://www.cafepress.com/theleaf/629526New Jersey: where the buffahos roamDid anyone see that Daily Show where one of the guys is in Atlantic City. He goes, "Atlantic City, one of the classiest cities in America" and then he coughs, hacks up a loogie, and spits.Maybe you had to see it.
  12. When I want to win, I'm focused. Only play when you really want to win. Or play higher limits - that helps me focus.
  13. i think theres no typo here
  14. Thanks for you help guys, I need just a couple more reponses and I'll shut up.
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