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  1. took 3rd...maybe next time!
  2. FT for empire 5K gaurantee if anyone wants to watch...screen name dpmusicdave.
  3. have the valet park your car. no one can touch you while you're in the casino--too many cameras/security. on top of that, everyone in the poker room is carrying cash--it's not like you're the only one. when you're done, have the valet pull your vehicle around and you're off like a prom dress! dave.
  4. yes. i think i tend to do this a lot.
  5. the optimal result of your flop raise would be to force your opponents to fold. you're just not going to push this many people off their hands here...
  6. i better redeem my vip points at empire quickly! hmmm...the hat, the beach towel or the shot glass....?
  7. great first post. you should do well around here! :wink:
  8. uh oh, now you've got the wheels spinning for my home game tonight. muhahahaha (evil laugh)
  9. I'm sure this has happened to a lot of folks, but I was down 2,915 to 85 in a HU sng on stars. 25/50 blinds. Doubled up twice in a row and moved on from there. Weird how things work out sometimes.
  10. just played 10/20 live the other day. they took $5 per person every time they switched dealers, so basically $10/hr. that was real easy to beat.
  11. yes! PokerAce HUD is a must-have. it rocks.
  12. Getting respect at the table is not going to put someone on tilt. Just say you don't try to put other people on tilt and move on. Or just don't respond.uh, read the first 11 words. yes, we speak english here :wink:
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