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  1. I dont know about this guy. but everyone on this site knows me as a pro. (ask steve7stud) heres another thing. I was an original charter member on this site so listen up.i don't like your attitude. better adjust it. you mess with my profession you mess with me. i make money because i outplay people on the felt. playing and simple.(thats all there is to it son!)and one more thing. im not trying to hear you call doyle Brunson a cheat any more. got that? I thought so.
  2. well before i quit my job i met GrinderMJ and he got me into poker. we used to play heads up all the time back in the day. i realized i was basically a child prodigy at it and thats when i decided to become pro. its been all good since then son! im makin bank chyea
  3. the best advice i have received is to quit your job and play poker no matter what, if youre good enough of course. but thats kinda some advice i gave to myself.worst advice was to try living out of my car for a while. that was also my own idea.
  4. Since the well with Hoosieralum went really really well (get it? well? its a pun, chyea!) I think we should continue this. GrinderMJ said I should just go ahead and start the thread myself. For those who dont know me, I am an extremely successful internet poker player of many stake levels, and more importantly, an original charter member here at FCP. I know what it takes to survive in the poker world becuase I have been using poker as my only source of income ever since quitting my job at the hut (thats slang for pizza hut). chyea lets get this started.first question: (hey man, how did you get
  5. um excuse me noob, you might not want to say that to meeeee, or youll be on the night train.
  6. thats not how it went down Jeremy, and you know it. now, stop posting all this nonsense because im getting the idea that you might be looking for a face slapping, and ive been known to hand them out like free samples at a super market. CHYEA!!!
  7. poker zealot with the last word once again. CHYEA!!!
  8. LOL! hey fagtron mc ducheface, look it up and learn something, research it, memorize that **** with flash cards and present what you have discovered to your 5th grade history class on friday son. (DAMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!)chyea, sit the **** down
  9. beaverstyle i will slap your website posting face back into last month so you can pay your rent on time if you dont shut your fat idiot mouth.
  10. write something like that again son, and ill put you on the night train to dixie. dont you ever talk to me like that you dumbshit slothass *****. oh, and the "if by...you mean..." jokes are lame and overused, but you just do what you can there guy.
  11. that guy is a loser. im about to slap him through the internet.
  12. haha special ed. mr special school xxeddie. who would have thought. well homie, now its your turn for some luck, cause i just spoke with my travel agent, and hes got some free tickets for you. thats right, you are headed to dixie son, and youre ariving by train. better pack up quickly, it leaves tonight ahahahahaa CHYEA!!!!!
  13. if you post garbage like this again youll be taking the night train to dixie. write that down on flash cards and memorize it son cause i wanna make sure you know it. chyea.
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