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  1. yep, aki is right, I was reading SSHE last night and raise is what he said. Make the pot large enough to be a able to chase your flush draw to the river.
  2. Getting Hand History Information...----------------------------------------------------------------Hand #6413348-796 at Roselle ($.05/$.10 Hold'em)Powered by UltimateBetStarted at 10/Jun/05 18:40:39 tadowe is at seat 0 with $4.60. alnek is at seat 1 with $4.73. toyx4guy is at seat 2 with $5.32. boatmamaw2 is at seat 3 with $5.01. antedumb is at seat 4 with $6.91. PokerESP is at seat 5 with $4.75. bovair is at seat 6 with $2.86. emnkel is at seat 7 with $4.89. T-Bones49 is at seat 8 with $4.41. GreyRacer is at seat 9 with $5.43. The button is at seat
  3. It is funny to hear all of the similar responses.I deposited 25 on UltimateBet(about 1 1/2 months ago).I doubled it in on my first table, the went on to win 25 more that night at the .25/.50 table. Of course I thought that it would never end, but I lost 40 the next day and I am slowly learning bankroll management(I went broke in 2 weeks - I redeposited and I am climbing my way back slowly but surely).
  4. The hands that I have been watching are brutal, almost seeming totally fake to me. If it goes to the river then Far wins at least +66% of the time and the hands that don't see a flop Flopjunkie wins(far is the only one folding preflop, that I have seen). You rarely see flopjunkie's cards on the river and he will often fold to a single bet on the river in a $6,000 pot, it's no wonder he is losing. I know he could have been on a draw and missed, but why reraise so much on 4th street(sometimes 7 bets it) for a flush draw?This all seems like one publicity stunt/bad jopke.
  5. flop junkie just won 15 grand in 5 hands, far left, then sat right back down with 30,000 instead of 100,000.
  6. spt24


    I took one in HS and it was in the 110's and since I was in my latter years of college(take that as you may) I have gotten scores in the upper 120's to the 130's, whatever that means???
  7. Well, if nothing else you can approach this as a lesson that your opponents might be thinking about. Since this is something that you normally do, figure out your weaknesses. Your weaknesses will be theirs, exploit them and learn from them by all means.
  8. who is "crazy player" and why does he go all in with bottom pair on 4th street and hit trips on the river to win when he was surely behind?wow.
  9. yeah, that was funny but it was followed with jdags leaving before the next blinds, which sucked(like his play that I saw.)This is the first time I have ever watched poker on my computer, never played on-line either. It's pretty cool to say the least.
  10. that was a really interesting article... It's too bad some of it is shrouded in possible bad practices.
  11. From what I have seen, Barry Greenstein is on a level all to himself. But let's delve a bit.Here is how Barry rates Daniel...Aggressiveness: 7 Looseness: 7 Short-handed: 8 Limit: 8 No-limit: 8 Tournaments: 9 Side games: 7 Steam control: 7 Against weak players: 8 Against strong players: 7 Best game: Omaha Eight-or-better Weakness: Efforts to balance his life lessen his money-making abilityHere is how Barry rates himself...Aggressiveness: 7 Looseness: 6 Short-handed: 7 Limit: 8 No-limit: 8 Tournaments: 8 Side games: 9 Steam control: 7 Against weak players: 7 Against strong players: 8 Best g
  12. I can't wait for day 5, your opponents on the other hand are probably hoping you call in sick.I smell 5 g's in your future....
  13. Maverick is much more of an unbelievable movie, for that reason alone.Also, Half.ebay.com sells very cheap movies with cheap S&H, although for this instance amazon is cheeper.Scott
  14. I agree, although I expect to be in the minority. If nothing else for being wrong, and/or it being my first post here...I have spent about a week watching and listening here, nice to meet you all here... even the asses, hey I have been confused before too.
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