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  1. Anyone know what the dealer even said?Why is he so upset?
  2. Of course I stop playing PS and get rid of my few pennies when I can finally afford to play something!
  3. I remember when Smash started this. I can not believe that I've been reading this forum for this long...I'm definitely wasting my life away.
  4. Work for Poker Stars? How long until it cleared/Tried to search, but not working well for me. Sorry if been asked 50,000 times.Edit: I did check the website, and it does say it's accepted, but I wanted to know if anyone had any issues with it.
  5. So, I usually lurk here. I have for quite some time. Anyway, I usually play poker at home games, but I play some of the Stars Freerolls. Today I played the Omaha H/L, and made it to the WR2 which is No Limit Holdem. Does anyone know how the play is? Any thoughts to how I should play it? I know, I know, it's a dumb freeroll, and it might not merit a response, but I figured I'd give it a try and ask.
  6. Hummmmmmmmmmmmberrrrrrtoooooooooooo
  7. Thanks for the password...in the money right now. Gotta love the .20 or more.
  8. I'm in college, and my college is having their annual holdem night. It's technically free to enter, but the top 11 players get prizes and the winner gets a television. They said we start off with 300 chips, but they wouldn't give me a blind structure or the number of players. Anyone have any tips for how I should play? Tight? Loose? etc.
  9. Ive only seen Darden play the 03 WS. and after watching him make horrible calls Id say Ivey might not be the best teacher. btw, no flaming on this please, I dont really know if PD is good or not, I just remember him making some bad plays.Well I know Darden has to be decent in stud cause he has a bracelet.http://pokerdb.thehendonmob.com/player.php?a=r&n=8078
  10. If you learn by watching, then you'd have a hard time finding someone better than Ivey. If you learn by instruction, he might not be the best option because it SEEMS like Ivey plays with more of a feel to the game than others. He knows the basics and the strategy, but he also SEEMS to have an ability to read his opponents as well as to intimidate them, and it's hard to explain certain aspects like this.
  11. When you use your credit card, it'll just show up as neteller or whatever on the statement right? I know credit cards have been cracking down on online gambling. I want to charge $50 from my credit card to neteller, then put it on an online site. I'm just interested to know what it shows up like on the statement and/or if it'll work. Thank you.
  12. Since it's not asking you to put in money in, is it legal? Cause it costs nothing to play.
  13. Anyone doing/planning on doing this? It looks interesting.http://www.collegepoker.com/default.asp?BT...BTag=CPC_Direct
  14. FCP 4 Life...I'll be watching!No money on there right now, so watching and giving support is all I can do. Win big.
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