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  1. That is a limit game. They don't have a cap on limit games. The cap is for NL games, and the most one player can lose per NL hand is $100,000.
  2. Hassan Slack is Hollingol from pokerstars. He has basically dominated top NL on stars for a real long time, and now has moved up to bigger game on UB.
  3. Just curious if there is anyone from Virginia here that can help me find a game, hopefully around virginia beach. I'm here for work for a while and want to get in some live games without having to drive all the way to atlantic city. thanks.
  4. So if it is unsafe to use your neighbors unsecured wireless, how unsafe is it to use your own if neighbors can connect to it. I am staying at my buddies apartment for a while and am connected to his network, but who knows if everyone on the block is as well? Can I be sure no one is stealing all the hard earned porn I've spent days accumulating????
  5. You seem to be a very bad poker player, but to get better you don't need to read SuperSystem or Small Stakes Holdem, just re-read your posts and take your own advice. You know when your beat, but you don't fold... does that make any sense?If there is 4 to a straight on the board and someone is betting into you or calling your bets, it is likely you are beat. And if in fact they do have the straight you are what we like to call drawing dead, and thats not a good position to be in.Also, you recognize that small pre-flop bets with monster hands isn't working.... hmmmmm then what could I do???????
  6. What did you expect people to say here. "Yeah Kings are pretty, I'd call."?This is one of the worst gaps to have in your poker game. Getting attached to hands will make you a consistent loser. You probably wouldn't call the all-in with a gut shot draw, but you would have a better chance at winning that hand than this one.Look again at that flop and think about the kind of hands you can beat. You currently beat KQ, KJ, QJ, KT which are all extremely unlikely to re-raise all-in.You played this hand poorly from the start, and the call and the logic behind are horrible. I'm sorry, but its just hor
  7. Speak for yourself ass.hole!!!Kidding obviously. I really just wanted to say good luck on the tourney circuit and I am sure many others (including me) would like updates on any events you play. When the time comes I hope you can give updates like DN does. You should really get a Travis.
  8. You know I don't think I have seen HOLLINGOL lose in a while. He has just been killing lately. Yesterday or day before he had 38k at the 10/20 NL on PS and the max buy-in is 2k. Amazing. He simply owns NL on pokerstars and now seems to be doing very well at UB as well.
  9. Pushing w/ 33 here is a bad bad play. After pushing so often you have given a loose image and therefore more people will be willing to call w/ marginal hands. The problem for you is any marginal hand is 50/50, or if one of eight people behind you has any PP (besides 22) you are a 4 to 1 dog. So, by pushing with 33 you are hoping everyone folds, but there are 8 hands behind you and with your image you'd probably be called by like A9 or better.It is just way to likely you will get called and your HOPING to be a coinflip. Bad situation. Wait, pay the blinds, because even if you lose those two han
  10. Nice post. Just to clear up, I didn't mean to sound like an ass when I said the post didn't help, however my post was about not always employing the 'play tight early' strategy and the first sentence of his post was "Play tight early is probably the best advice."I understand that this is the strategy widely written about, which is why there are some players who you can tell are using it and take pots off of them. There are TONS of maniacs in almost all levels of SNGs, and clearly they are to be avoided early. But you can usually peg those that are sitting back and waiting for a hand. With thes
  11. I guess I should have mentioned that I didn't mean $5 SNGs. I am mostly talking about $20-50 SNGs which may be quite different.
  12. Occasionally I'll enter a freeroll just to go all-in every hand until I bust. I have no interest in playing it, I just think it can be fun. It can be threaputic (sp) after playing tight or taking a bad beat.
  13. You are right, each SNG is different and the same strategy should be applied all the time. What I am saying is that the 'play tight early' strategy is so common amongst other players that playing aggresive early is a better strategy when you see it.And yes, if you double up early you can make the money a fair amount of the time, but getting blinded out and taking 3rd is not a profitable strategy. To be a consistent earner is SNGs you MUST take 1st for a good percentage of your ITMs.
  14. Why would you tighten up when you get over 3000???? I see people doing this all the time and it makes no sense. People will double up off some idiot in the first three hands and then not play the next 2o. While you sit out the rest of the table catches up and you get blinded off and soon you are average stack.If you get the big stack early, and you know play like to 'play tight early' the correct strategy is to push. Like many pros will tell you, if the big stack at the table is aggresive, people don't want to get into pots with you unless they are fairly certain they are going to win. That ma
  15. It doesn't really help, no.What it says is 'play tight early' which is exactly what I wasn't talking about in my post. I don't think that is the correct strategy simply because it is so widely employed. If everyone 'plays tight early' who the hell is going to be picking up all those pots.
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