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  1. on the tournament info pages it says min. 32 players max. 32 players, so the prizepool is for 32 players. NO OVERLAY
  2. ooooohh, i like that, that is a good one.
  3. ya maybe you should do like TWO SECONDS of research before you try to rip someone. The state tournaments are qualifiers for the USA team which then plays against other teams made up of other countries.
  4. ya, sam farha ALWAYS has the full when the board pairs........
  5. i think you are confused, show me one quote from a pro who was upset about NLHE at the final table. Everything I read from the pros is that it was a great idea and they supported it 100%
  6. i was reiterating what professionals were saying about the tournament, you know, the people that actually PLAYED in the tournament, not people that just watch it on TV and ***** about the NLH final table.
  7. im so sick of everyone bitching about last year's horse final table, the PROS suggested it, it adds another element to the tournament, winner of that tournament was supposed to be the best all around player, who can you determine that with zero no limit play
  8. ya man, it's a new sunday tournament, every week, same with the High Stakes Showdown.
  9. guy i know went out of ME last year when he flopped set over set, they got it all in on the turn, river was teh QUAAADDDSSSS for villain
  10. that might be the dumbest thing ive ever read in my life.
  11. the one where no limit means you can bet whatever you want, and limit means betting size is fixed. oh ya, this one.
  12. well if results were completely random, odds of winning six in a row are 63-1, so 3-1 is ridiculous, 10 or 12 to 1 is still crazy, it's about right if you were a 2 to 1 favourite in every match, which is pretty damn tough to be.For 3 to 1 to be right you'd have to be over 4 to 1 to win each match, absolutely impossible.
  13. 3 to 1 you couldnt win six more in a ROW? WORST BET EVER.
  14. what i said is true, what you said is also true
  15. uh.. it doesn't say it's illegal, it says"effectively eliminated the ability of Americans to legally gamble online" which is true, since there shouldn't be any way to deposit really, any bank or institution transferring money to gambling sites are the ones at risk, not the player.
  16. why unethical, i completely disagree, same as giving off 'false' tells as far as i'm concerned.
  17. ya multiple days where he won/got second more than twice in one day, crazy.
  18. It's true, not worth it unless you are against big maniacs, ESPECIALLY when you are in position and controlling the pot size, there was no reason to bet that turn, if you let a draw get there sometimes, it's not the end of the world.
  19. i agree, i think the A is more likely to help him than scare him. Isnt this EXACTLY how tons of people play the Ah? with not many hands on villain i'd say its shutdown time.
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