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  1. We are all boycotting Washington.What a bunch of thugs.Worst thing you could do is patronize those silly Indian casinos. It's THEIR lobbying efforts that got internet poker banned in the state.dumb injuns. sckrew em
  2. Sounds to me like the guy obviously was just exercising his arms and the chips he just cut out just happened to be in the way.jeezus.are you freakin' serious?why is this even a question?
  3. Who gives a rat's ass what Doyle thinks? It's very annoying to play with him when he keeps jacking with that stupid cassette player of his at the table and those 1970's headphones he has all taped up keep falling off!As for me, if shades are good enough for the likes of Hellmuth and Ferguson, they're good enuff 4 me.
  4. sorry, Jen, had to vote *no*I'm rather see A_15 play for the pure skill of it, or V Rouso for the pure sex appeal of it
  5. yeah that's me big boy LOLhey A15 just got caught - shoved from the button and got called for 50k by big blindA15 shows 4/3 OFFSUITLOLvs. Q/4 offsuitand of course, the one with the mojo spikes a 3 on the turn - now up to 440k, and counting....
  6. I've been railing Annette_15 since round 8 (Full Tilt Sunday's 750,000 guarantee).With 60 left, she is third with about 400,000 in chips and the railbirds are all over the place.By my best count she has 11 marriage proposals, 3 roll in the hay offers, and countless numbers of wannabe poker players offering her $$ to "teach them" how to play.I guess this is normal for A15 railbirds, but it is really something to watch. BTW, I watched her enough to catch her with her hand in the cookie jar trying to push a guy off of a boat with 4/7 offsuit from the button (with literally nothing). It's rare s
  7. Howard is one of the top 2 or 3 "pros" I would just LUV to sit down and play some poker with.Sklansky is another one.They understand the nuts and bolts, but are pretty much clueless on the nuances and the human element.They're easier to read than Harry Potter.
  8. after thinking about the 100's of dollars I've spent on books and a DVD or two, I decided that DN is worth a few bucks--if I keep it only 3 months, still about the price of both of Action Dan's books, so what the heck?hmmm, I wonder if Action Dan has ever heard about this "small ball" thing??
  9. A decent steak here in Vegas starts at around $40.A good steak runs $50 to $70.And then if you're really into splurging, a 6 ounce Kobe steak will run you a smooth crispy Franklin.You guys complaining about the price must be from Hogwash, Nebraska and the like.And you want to play poker? For money? Geez, gimme a break.
  10. That does it. I am now 100% convinced that it is illegal for Americans (such as myself) to gamble online. If the Las freakin' Vegas newspaper says it is so, then bygolly, it must be the truth. I am cancelling my pokerstars, fulltilt accounts immediately before I become Paris' roommate in the pokey. Link to Vegas RJ article
  11. I can't believe this thread is still alive I also can't believe how many times I've folded K/3 and lived to regret it.
  12. where is this "Vegas" place you describe?
  13. Interesting that you bring that up. A few days ago, I looked down in the cutoff to find the Hilton sisters (Paris had recently flown the coup). There had been one limper in front from seat 3. I decide to slow play and just call, then the small blind raises to 3 x. Ah ha! I love this play--act weak, wait for a raise, then pounce on the re-raise. But seat #3 beat me to it by doubling the SB's raise. What was I to do but shove? To my amazement (somewhat) the SB calls my all in (he had me covered by about 20%) and then seat #3 called.Yikes! WTF??As we all flop over our cards, it's my wors
  14. Sometimes, you just gotta gamble, bubba.But how are you so "sure" it's pocket rockets? Could he be playing, say Big Slick??? ANYTHING other than A/A, and you're ahead. That being said, depending on relative stack size, etc., if a King hits the flop, it's a BIG pay day for you.
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