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  1. One of the guys at the table told me he had did it earlier that night to some other guy. The house told him he can't do that and warned him. Me and my buddy arent regulars at that specific poker room but the other guy was. I think just cause you know the player doesnt mean he has special rights. To me that makes me wonder why we even use dealers or the house if its based on who you are and not the hand you are playing.
  2. The other day I was playing No limit hold em with a buddy of mine at the casino. He is heads up in a hand with another player. On the river, my buddy bets $75 dollars, the other player moves 75 to the middle of the table and dealer says flip them up. As my buddy flips his hand up, the other pulls back his chips and says he never called. Though he never did let go of his chips, did moving them to the middle of the table and with the dealer saying flip em mean he basically made the call? The house ruling was for my buddy to take down the pot. Well of course he would take the pot, he had the nuts
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