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  1. Hi all..I'm going on vacation to Seattle next month. Any suggestions on good poker rooms in the area?Thanks!Jason aka sportsfntc
  2. Hey..do they have single-table tournies going on over there as well? Thanks in advance.
  3. My two cents...I am a Christian and I play poker. The Bible says nothing about gambling but it does talk about being responsible with what God gives us and being generous (not greedy).That being said, when I first started playing, yes, I had to square that up with God. And I don't feel as though He is judging me for playing, so long as 1) I don't do something stupid $$ wise (like playing over my bankroll or when I'm not thinking straight), and 2) I spread around the winnings from the table. Every winning week I have will mean more $$ for church and charity and I do not give less just becaus
  4. To change things up, I'll play different games, like Stud or Omaha H/L or Pot-Limit Omaha. Just a thought...
  5. It's on the Pokerroom network (just like FCP) and the bonus is next to IMPOSSIBLE to clear. The games aren't half/bad though about a year ago they changed the rake structure and then didn't actually announce it until three days later, which irritated me to no end. Just my two cents...
  6. OUT...Had KK and ran into AA...oh well....
  7. I'm in...up to 3300 so far...
  8. I wouldn't get one w/an AMD processor. I've got one in my Compaq and adding a second memory chip blocked the cooling fan and cause random shutdowns in my machine.Having said that, I also have a Dell laptop and it works quite well. You can't go wrong with Dell...My two cents...
  9. He did say he was trying to build a big stack early or get out, right?
  10. My two cents...I've played on Bodog for several months and it's hands-down my favorite site except I wish there were more of a game selection. That will come with time. Having said that, the low-NL games are great and so are the Pot-Limit Omaha games, both Hi and split.Of course I'm biased since I won my WSOP seat there, but all kidding aside, great site...great service. If I was only able to pick ONE site, I'd go there.Jason aka sportsfntc
  11. Hello all...I've tried just about every site out there...but I haven't tried the following sites so I was looking for any opinion you have on the following:Doyle's RoomTrue PokerThe Gaming ClubNoble PokerThanks in advance!
  12. My two cents..I have a higher win % on Bodog than I do anywhere else. The ring game are great though sparse at limit. I've done really well in the SNGs and the MTTs there.And...last Saturday I won my WSOP seat for $16 there! Of course, that helped my opinion of the site :::grin:::But, in all seriousness, I really enjoy playing there.Cheers...
  13. One thing I forgot to mention: This doesn't take into consideration any % of deposit bonuses. Obviously things change if you get a 50% bonus for your deposit vs. a 20% one....but like I said...hope this helps...
  14. Here's what I know...Let's assume you're trying to clear a $20 bonus on these sites and you're playing a $10+1 SNG...Bodog is by far the best...they require 60 points to clear a $20 bonus and you get 6 points per $1 in tourney fees, thus each SNG is actually worth $2 toward a bonus. This makes up for the fact that unlike most other sites, to clear points in a cash game one must actually play the hand.Pokerstars requires 100 points to clear the bonus. Each $ spent in tourneys gets you 5 points, so each SNG is worth $1Pokerroom also gives you 5 points per $ but they require 140 points to clea
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