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  1. Okay for the first time in months I can actually not sleep thanks to the 1001 farmers partying their asses off on hobo-music down my street.. which actually made me youtube "Hobo Music" and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WihZnqwP0fM.. I think these guys have almost as little of a life as me.
  2. How many Pm's requesting to stop responding to my posts you got so far? I'll put 50$ on 4!Okay I'm really off now nitez!
  3. Man I'm starting to enjoy this forum more and more, I'm sure everyone is happy to hear that :DGoodnight!
  4. That's your life isn't it.. quoting other people to seem smart
  5. I think killing himself would be easier
  6. Right outside my house there's a DJ with obvious identity issues, first playing a song with a handsome beat with the only lyrics being "I don't wanna dance" followed by Tina Turner - Simply The Best.. where is the logic??!
  7. Which is the only reason Two And a Half Men is lasting for like 14 seasons
  8. Anyone who revolutionizes the bean ball deserves to live to see 100 at least
  9. This comment has been sponsored by Rayban! Official sponsor of El Guapo 2010
  10. So now people can't even play dress-up anymore? Comon world-leaders need a relaxing time off just like the rest of us. @topic Because Hussein is his middle name.
  11. Surely would save the make-up artist & special effects-editor some serious time, plus it creates a visual memorium for the relatives! You are a genius!
  12. http://www.kickasstorrents.com/search/anal-physical/Here you can download it absolutely for free!
  13. Did a dog ever do something to hurt you?
  14. True dat.. pointing fingers is easy, but power tends to corrupt anyway regardless of what religious or political background, that's just human nature
  15. I would honestly be surprised if the cure wasn't already out there somewhere
  16. Even him can't make me go away anymore! Parti Karkerani Kurdistan will crush your capitalist puny faces! * hides from FBI *
  17. I almost refused a shawarma pancake today
  18. Damn drug testers never doing their job
  19. you sir, are one hell of a positive thinker
  20. Well you sure didn't lose your fighting spirit yet! Though I think you know that I won't **** off anyway
  21. Been there in my depression, just hang in there buddy. I know it doesn't say much but I really like you and I know you can do alot of good in this world if you seek help.
  22. The fat Buddha might have been some Burger King / Mac Donalds plot.. they should actually use it in advertisement!
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