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  1. Opportunity to steal some talent away, imo. He's literally the best coach out there. I wasn't saying go learn from him and try to get accepted as a student of his, was just saying, look at this dude that plays the stakes you're talking about and listen to how well thought out and thorough (and genius) his thought process is.But yeah, I see the dig. It wasn't intended that way, I tried to word it very carefully
  2. I agree with most of your post and I wanted to point out that I think this is a fine analogy. I just doubt that you can compete/break even over an extended period of time at 100-200. But right now you are doing so, and more power to you, it's awesome to outplay/win/go on a heater as you are trying to learn. I just think you could easily get stuck 150-200k and be like "wtf just happened I'm on their level, I'm playing better than them, I'm unlucky!!" when from looking at HH and decisions it seems like you aren't playing as sound as a high stakes NLHE player does.But I def agree if you can br
  3. No, I'm not. I can state my opinion and present it as fact too!Edit: Nvmd I don't wanna fight. Congrats.
  4. Definitely better to be winning than losing. I mean I'm sure Daniel is aware that he is viewed as the fish as you are pointing out. I guess my thinking is, that if he wanted to challenge himself to improve he could sit at small-mid stakes and still find a challenge for probably much cheaper. He'd also probably learn quicker as well, or at least find out what level he was at. Like if he sat at 2-4/5-10nl I'd think he'd be surprised to find out that people would still think he was the fish (games would def build around him, etc. Not saying he would be like a prime fish, I think he'd be smal
  5. And no. If you think you're good you're ahead of mostly bluffs so you call and let him fire his 3rd barrel. Shoving is pretty bad. ZJ sized up betting so the river bet is going in, it's like 14k into 25k, let him shove the river if you are going to call turn, then call river imo.
  6. Is it more than the 1200 hands he's played so far? Seems like the game will likely run whenever DN wants it to, but I don't know how to filter PTR well or anything, so it only shows til March 5th. I'm not really sure what you want to do with the hand, then. If you think he's 3betting wide and want to play ATo as a bluff catcher then you should probably commit to catching bluffs and not folding to a second barrel. I definitely don't know the thought process behind a 100/200 game with some sickos, but I would think that he's double barreling here a lot. That card gives him a lot of OE straig
  7. Naismith, I approve of your message. Thanks for visiting!
  8. I think it's a standard spot to bet. I'd double barrel and be prepared to fire the river too, he's not folding overpairs ever or even like AJ, but he has a lot of 1dia high card hands. By checking you are just giving up, SB can literally have any 2 cards and once this flop gets checked and not c/r BB is basically saying he has a medium strength hand that you can push him off. Obv you fold if you get c/r but getting c/r off of a hand where you have the bad side of a tsraight draw and any dia hurts you isn't bad at all. You have at most 6 outs.By betting flop you get to turn your hand into a
  9. You're the small blind. Doing anything but completing there is pretty bad. Completing in the small blind is very normal/standard to do as long as it isn't just you and the BB left, then either raise or fold. Pot flop or at least 40c. I think checking to c/r is pretty good too though, lotta limpers, someone has some cards that hit that flop and they'll bet you can c/r and just crush someone holding pair + 8 or just an 8 all day long. Either way betting pot or close to it every street or c/r is much better than that small weak ass bet. You're betting into 4 people, when would you ever valu
  10. Re: 3betting OOP deep stackedJust keep sliding it to the right until you aren't scared anymore imo.
  11. If you don't have a full tilt account you can get it for free through cardrunners.com. Think there's a link there or something. Get Rakeback/HEM for free as long as you play X amount on Full Tilt. You might have a tough time playing the amount they want at 1c-2c though. If you wanna play seriously you need HEM. If you wanna play seriously you need to have a roll bigger than 1c-2c. So you need both imo. If you had $200 I'd put $150 in my roll and $50 into hem and play 5c-10c on AP. MAke sure you get rakeback, it'll pile up money for you.
  12. I think the locks were warranted. If you wanna shoot the shit come in here and post. If you want to be trolling, then you should get threads locked and possible bans. RT just being RT isn't really an excuse. I mean maybe Zach shouldn't be a mod because he doesn't post here anymore, that seems fine, not because he closed those threads.
  13. I'd fold that looks like a pot raise and those are usually strong. But in your situationd I'd actually call because your puss bet can get raised too often imo and I'd only bet that small to induce a raise or on a complete bluff.Like stupid said I think this is a standard b/f of $5.
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