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  1. I have been playing for a living over 2 years and made close to 16k last month and i still hear its just a mather of time before you lose it all, its gambling. Im lucky that my parents are very supportive about it, they think its a great tool to build my future for later with all the money that is comming in.
  2. don't really see how he can call herethere about 50 in the middle, and its a extra 110 for him to call, if he puts daniel on a flush he is a 70% dog, if he puts daniel on lets say high pocket like js,qs or ks, its almost a coin flip, and if he think is 2 overs are good he is a slight favorite, i really don't see how he can call herei don't quite get why daniel called the re raise on the flop, He is a clear dog, and he probably doesnt even have 2 lives, he is basically calling hopping to flop a flush or 2 pairs? Why not fold and wait for a better spot
  3. he called the flop with a gutshot, and even if he makes is gutty he mite be drawing dead, very ridiculous
  4. just lost with pocket aces, unreal, called half is stack with a gutshot and hit, u would think at this level there isnt any of these ridiculous calls
  5. blinds were 50 100, more i look at this guy, more he's a nut, and maybe i shoulda whent over the top, it was early in the tourney he had 7000 chips and i had 5000 both chips leaders at our table
  6. ya i have 5000, i had ak, 1st to act raised to 300, ( 3 times the blind) and i was re raised to 1100 pre flop and i folded, do you guys think that was the correct fold, cause i think i am at best 50 50 here, qs, or js, dont see him re raising to 1100 with aq, and he's gotta know i have a big hand to open up in 1st position.
  7. im i the only who thinks that if he though is 6s were good and he put devil on 2 overccards he had to raise to protect them
  8. great read and he gets shit for it, still think he shoulda raised the flop if he thinks is 6s are good
  9. wow john dag with 44 000$ on the 25 -50 nl and matusow with 33 000$ on the 50-100nl
  10. I play on noble and i don't feel very secure leaving my full bankroll in noble poker room, so how safe is it leaving 20k+ in neteller? What do the pros who have 100k plus online keep there money?Thank you
  11. Brent (SF): Did Gus Hanson get busted in the Big Game earliery this year? Doyle Brunson: (4:43 PM ET ) Yes, but he made a nice recovery. He got back what he lost, and then some. so it was true
  12. How is he going to play daniel for 500k if he doesnt even have enough money to play on stars
  13. he plays at the same limits i do, i can never see myself risking 100k to play dn, why would he risk this much
  14. My record in heads up is 700-300 in 50$-100 heads up games, I like the rope a dop style, trapping letting the other guy do the betting this style works very well considering that most people are extra aggressive in heads up, they think a 5, is a monster hand. I just trap wait for that moment and take all is chips. if he is very passive then i will play aggressive
  15. YA what the hell was that i dont get this play, guess i dont play enough limit
  16. I'm a big dn fan but i'm kinda routing for the underdog, kinda of a cool story regular poker joe blow taking on poker superstar for a amount way over is bankroll
  17. i left and both the tables were empty, did he bust them both?
  18. TALK ABOUT BIG SWINGS, he was down to 35 on the holdem table and he is now back up to 82
  19. from what i have seen hes up upwards of 100k today
  20. there is someone playing under thunderkeller right now on ub
  21. What i thought was weird, is when neverwin came in the game 2 days ago to play him, thunderkeller left, then came back when it was another player playing, is he scared to play neverwin
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