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  1. I'm in, one of the best tourney's on FCP
  2. Tell us when you get to the final table. Gl and take it down for FCP.
  3. ahhh man, you played great. way to go on your biggest cash
  4. Hey man. keep it going, your doing sick.
  5. Nice double up. Keep going, you can take it down.
  6. what a hand....That is just sick. Nice double up plus some. Take it down.
  7. Don't post a lot but great idea and I'm definitely in. You should make it charter members only so that limits the fields.
  8. I'm in and it is a good tournament but last week all 2400 spots filled up so it's just a crowd to get through. Definitely have to wait for hands and be patient.
  9. Hey my account is the same as my name and i would be very willing to play you at LHE. Send me a message whenever you want to play.
  10. I don't post all of the time but i read them every day. I would definitely be into playing a tourny or just some sides games in the Boston area. I go to Bentley College and would just need directions as this is my first year in Boston.
  11. I'm going to Turning Stone Casino in northern New York on Thursday and while i've been there before, i was just wondering what were the limits they spread these days. I played 2/4 and 3/6 last time i was there but i was just wondering if they spread a 4/8 or 5/10. Last time i only saw a 10/20 game. If anyone can fill me in thatd be great. And also if you know if the games are soft or hard, give me any info you can. Thanks
  12. I'm pretty sure and agree that he was holding AA. I think that he was just a little eager to acquire Chan's chips. He saw the AA, and as we all do after a bad flop, he knew he was in good shape. He didn't seem to reflect on the fact that Chan could have 88. So after the turn, he decided he was going to play the pot no matter what. This is exactly what everyone says you cannot do. Thats why i hate aces, you can only win a small pot or lose a huge one and i think Daniel was just sucked in. I also think that he was obviosuly annoyed at the way he played his hand and decided not to tell us. Maybe
  13. Yeah i'm talking about home games, i'm just wondering if there is anything else out there. If you don't live in Connecticut, don't paste. Thats all there is to it.
  14. Where do you play and what are your usual limits? I know a couple games in Ivoryton but never really heard of that much besides my usual game.
  15. I'm not talking about Foxwoods, my dad works there, so i think i know where it is. Thank you for the sarcasm though. No, i was just wondering about any side, cash games that go on.
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