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  1. If that is your opinion then so be it, however, it would be of much more help if you could give an explanation as to why you think so. Too many people are too quick to point the finger.
  2. Is a friend of mine. I have played poker with him, and he just graduated from Pitt Law School. He has never had any prior experience with reporting, and he never interned with Cardplayer. We all play(ed) poker in Pittsburgh and Belsky got the job through a guy that he met by playing in the PA Poker tournaments. Rich is a pretty cool dude, and I believe is doing a rather fine job. Not to mention he is getting to live out a job that many if not all of us would love to be able to have. If you do not like his videos, then simply do not watch them, and he is very receptive to constructive cri
  3. :wink: Maybe.Anyways your more than welcome to showcase your NL talents, and I am not being facetious. I think you will enjoy the competition.
  4. Yes I am aware of that, and I do apologize ahead of time. I really do not expect too many of you to join, but figured that if any of you wanted to, I would give you the invite.Ty
  5. To any and all that read this forum, I play poker with a good bunch of guys who are always trying to get better. Anyways, we are holding a private tourney on STARS tonight @ 9 pm eastern time. It is a 10 + 1 tourney and the password is: spades.All are welcome to join. We are going to play 20 of them every wednesday and keep a running point total. Good luck to any and all that wish to play.p.s. I will be playing under the name: FLOWENOL
  6. have not yet read your RGP post, will do that soon. However, I appreciate your post, because in all seriousness, I thought I had forgot how to play the game. I consider myself a good player, and the ppl at my table were not better by any means. In fact the fact that they were so bad, is why I felt I lost so much. These ppl literally called the flp bet on any gutshot draw. It got so bad, that I actually considered just cashing and walking away from the game. I know that is not the answer, but I literally felt lost.
  7. Skip to last paragraph for my question.I am a lower limit cash game player (online). Yesterday with my bankroll consisting of 300$, I dropped 200$ in an 8 hour session. Has this ever happened to any of you? I play in the 50/1.00 NL tables where the max buy in is 50$. I absolutely did not play badly. One pot, in which I lost 50$ with TT to a flop of 832 rainbow, guy held KK, was badly played on my end. However, the other pots that I lost were ridiculous. Once I flpped top 2 pair and got it all in on flop, guy calls with PP lower than my 2 pair and rivers his set. The other I have AA and
  8. and yes I do come in with a raise often, my trouble is, when I miss (and I know this is 70% of the time for everyone shorthanded) that they are betting right into me. Now they are either hitting their flops every time, or they are making plays at me expecting me to back down. Is there anyone who can help me out with this issue?
  9. I recently have started playing some NL cash games. The site that I play on is fairly new, and I have been playing mostly shorthanded. 6 ppl max. I am at the 50 cent/ 1$ tables and after 4 days have mostly broken even. I think I am playing too conservative, as every time I raise, I might get one caller and they either bet into me, or check and fold to me. I know this image is not a good one to have, so I am looking for some tips on how to become a better shorthanded ring game player. thnx.
  10. At the $1/$2 level, you have to be able to assess your table accurately. Depending on what type of day you want, you would pick your table accordingly. Most players jump right into the games that are showing a 50% or higher flop seen rate. Their logic is that these must be the most profitable game. However, this logic can be completely off. This high rate doesn't necessarily mean that these people are call stations. This is the flop seen rate, which all that means is that they are passive players and would like to see a flop for the minimum bet. Problem with a table full of passive play
  11. Totally agree. Damn, I have playing in that 200$ event. There are on average 2,000 participants. To have 3 weeks of a 1st, 1st, 17th in that tournament is absolutely insane!L*
  12. Ok, so a while back, I posted a thread asking Daniel to write a book. Well, I was mostly just stating topics of what I thought the book should entail. This post, prompted people to makes guesses as to what he would write about in the book. Well I have figured it out. In his most recent Cardplayer.com article, Daniel ended the story with this sentence.' In my next column, more bad reads by Negreanu! 'Is the book going to be about bad reads? Nah, not entirely. However, I do think that this is going to be the encompassing subject of the book. Reads...both good and bad, and why you play han
  13. I always find it amusing, when people say 'I can't play online you can't get any reads' or 'online poker isn't real poker' or even better yet 'good live poker players could never make it playing poker online'. Well this quote was taken directly from cardplayer.com and it is in reference to Juan Carlos Mortensen. You see, Mortensen is a damn good 'live' tournament poker player, and this quote refers to his placing in 2 recent 'online' tournaments on Stars. Here is the quote:"How successful is he?A few weeks ago, he played in a PokerStars $200 buy-in event and won it, pocketing $91,000. The v
  14. WHY? Because he chooses to play the game differently than you or most people? I never once heard him use defamatory remarks towards McManus. Sure he razzed him about his play, but McManus started it by getting on Powers about his play. I am only 27, so maybe this is a generation gap type thing, but I see nothing wrong with how Powers played in that tournament. I do disagree with People hooting and hollering with their 'boys' when they win a hand (especially when they were a dog after the money went in ala scott fischman), but to use a specific tactic to try and get more bets, I don't see
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