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  1. http://twodimes.net/h/?z=5505100pokenum -mc 500000 -o8 2c 3h 5s 6d - ah ad kh ts Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better: 500000 sampled boardscards scoop HIwin HIlos HItie LOwin LOlos LOtie EV5s 2c 6d 3h 186091 186091 313909 0 270367 0 0 0.497Ts Ad Ah Kh 189553 313909 186091 0 0 0 0 0.503The observation about high versus low hands doesn't always hold true... There are many permutations where the high hand has a slight edge. Your observation makes more sense when you assume at least two of the cards in the low hand are of the same su
  2. Correct. Noodle Asia really hit the spot on Sunday when I woke up from my afternoon nap at 1:00a and hadn't eaten in 24 hours.
  3. K, let me 2+2ify for the benefit of your comprehension. If 24-tabling and lack of sleep results in misclicks in situations like that, it becomes an integral part of your game that must be compensated for by running good in other situations, or by stepping up your game to a level that does not include days of breaking even or losing. DUCY?Furthermore, winning at $5/10 6-max does not equal winning $10K in a calendar month while 24-tabling $25NL 6-max and full-ring for 16 hours per day. DUCY?Finally, I can (and did) make a comment like that because I am not an awestruck ballwasher who refuses
  4. He won't make it. The guy cold-calls all-ins for > 1 buy-in with QQ against people employing the Smasharoo technique. Unless he can keep catching up as a 4:1 underdog, he's in trouble.
  5. In every game I've ever played in live, anyone agonizing over the call would have made it perfectly clear that he had a straight flush and have been trying to get some sort of validation for his suspicions by chattering. Meanwhile, the crotchety old regulars at the table would be chattering about the prospects for the bad beat jackpot as soon as the flop came out, so both players remaining in the pot would be keenly aware of what was at stake. At that point, the player with the bottom end would say, "Do you have it?" and the player with the top end would say something to the effect of: "I th
  6. Starting a drunken brag thread with an epic title and then posting a fixed-limit hand is like rallying everyone to go streaking and then just taking off your shirt, spinning it around a few times over your head, and yelling "woo woo."
  7. 1. Super Ducktales2. Aladdin3. Lion King4. Lilo & Stitch5. Darby O'Gill and the Little People
  8. But why would they want to pay $1-1.3M for a $300K house?
  9. What is your girlfriend planning on doing in Buffalo? My fiancee is from there and keeps suggesting we move there, but the job market looks sketchy...
  10. This is because you're their only customer. This is kind of like IMing your Dungeons & Dragons buddies on a Friday night asking to set up a game and being surprised when your doorbell rings a few seconds letter.
  11. Patience, my fellow Ithacan. I, too, was a cheater, and my money was transferred to my existing account after four business days.Pokerstars does support. Full Tilt does rakeback. You can't have both.
  12. Good point. If we measure improvement in terms of diminishing losses, I could technically improve at blackjack over the longrun if you told me to lower my bets from $500 a hand to $5 a hand.
  13. Most people I've met think poker is fine as a hobby, much in the same way they can rationalize bringing a few hundred bucks to a casino to play blackjack. To them, gambling is gambling, and it's fine in moderation. Those same people think that any attempt to make a living at poker is a sign that an innocent hobby has crossed the boundary into full-fledged degeneracy.Honestly, I have made a nice chunk of change playing poker on the side, and I still consider myself a degenerate. The fact remains that online poker pros are not contributing measurably to society... so the rationale goes. They
  14. No, you just abuse Daily Doublers. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.Don't make me bring back the QK lolzcat.
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