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  1. God, I hope Jason Strasser doesn't make the final table. I don't think I could bear to see his ugly mug on tv. His nerdy lookin *** might break my television set.Dude's got a real condescending attitude too, as evidenced by his fluff piece in SI and his posts on 2p2.
  2. LOL at those who picked Lindgren over Hellmuth.
  3. Beautiful girl. Half asian, half jewish, just like Tera Patrick. This Jean Gluck is quite hot.
  4. Why? It's the truth.The truth is not always pleasant.Our joke of an immigration policy discriminates against europeans and benefits latin americans. And don't try refuting me on this. I have firsthand experience on this.
  5. I doubt you'll be able to come and stay here. You're likely too educated, speak English too well, and are not the right color. I would suggest learning Spanish and working on your tan, and then you might have a chance eventually.
  6. The Harrington books are good, but their cover blurb is a complete joke."only player to make it to the final table in 2003 (field of 839) and 2004 (field of 2,576) - considered by cognoscenti to be the greatest achievement in WSOP history"What a farce. Chan's 1,1,2 is hands down the greatest achievment in WSOP history. Mason will spare no measure to push his books, even inaccuracies and BS.
  7. Please. Olajuwon was definitely better than Robinson. What more does the man have to do to get respect?
  8. That's an ignorant thing to say. You will see things differently once you grow up.
  9. I am from Houston and I absolutely cannot believe this.This was the draft that was so stacked, that not even the Texans could screw it up. And somehow, they found a way to screw it up.Not getting either VY or Bush is absolutely unforgivable.I freaking hate this team now.
  10. I can see the humor in the sign, but why come into this thread and post it? It's irrelevant and just thread crapping.
  11. Their Power Rankings is a much better indicator. And John Juanda has been leading that forever, almost since it's inception.
  12. Yea, much better to pay exorbitant amounts to live in New England, so that you can have the privilege of freezing your nuts off during the winter.Texas= nice weather, no state income tax, cheap property, hotter women without the annoying NE accents.
  13. Umm. Hellmuth is a former heads-up tournament champion. Not saying that completely carries over to cash games, but come on. Give him some credit.Thomas Keller is quite overrated. I read someone say somewhere else that he is not nearly as good as he thinks he is. I believe that to be true also.Also remember the posturing, it would be live, not online. That also works to Hellmuth's advantage.I would say Hellmuth would be a significant favorite.
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