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  1. You have 55% chance to win the hand, virtually regardless of his hole cards. So you have a soild equity edge on the hand. I would raise and if possible cap on this hand.
  2. What about Kipper, I'm not sure if what he has done for the flames is more deserving of the MVP award than what thorton has done in SJ, but it has to be close.
  3. I use the following logic.1) My opponants are bad2) I am a favorite to double up my starting chips3) so my chips are worth more than my opponant's chipsFor these reasons I want as many chips in front of me as possible.Unless your bankroll is short for these tournaments (say under 200-300 or so)I would want to rebuy immediately and double rebuy every time i bust.
  4. I originally answered call before reading your post. I realize that you want the T7 out, but i did not think you had enough equity in the high half to make the raise worthwhile. now that you point out that it is unlikely for the 9 to have trips (increasing your high equity), and for the other high to fold (increasing the pot odds you are getting for your low/back door high), I am reconsidering. Al l in all this is an interesting hand, and i am no longer sure of the answer.
  5. I would say just call, you have some high possibility, but are really not in good shape against the open 9's for high, and therefore don't really want to play a heads up pot. also you are the only one with a 4-low, so you are not too concerned about someone drawing to a better low than yourself. So I would call and try to hit a low straight/ flush card on 5th.
  6. I just wanted to thank tho OP for his great post which has directly resulted in me being 1058$ richer, so just thought i'd say thanks.
  7. A better play would be to post this in a different forum
  8. 1st hand heads up at a local casino tournament I played last night.Blinds are 10k/20k, I have aprox. 100k in chips before posting the bb, he has 200k before posting.he makes it 40k to go, I have Q9 of clubs. What is my plan?
  9. you can not be even close to sure about that in this situation, sorry but you misplayed the hand.
  10. you did not learn from any of your mistakes, you need to go all in on the river. Just because he had jt this time doesn't mean calling with the second nut is the right play.
  11. This thread brings up a good point. That is, there is a huge difference between the big live tournamnets and online tournaments/ small live tournaments. In the smaller tournaments that most of us play, the bubble amount is almost completely trivial. Even in the larger online events the bubble is worth like 300-600$, and while that amount is probably not trivial to most of us, it is still relatively small, and 1st prize is HUGE. If you are not ready to take risks on the bubble, you have no buisness in that tournament! If you are not willing to gamble 300$ or whatever when you get to the bubbl
  12. Copernicus: how would you play if you call and flop a flush draw?A good deal of your pot equity in this situation comes from your flush possibility. So you need a plan for playing the draw if a) A king flops, along with your suited cards (or the board looks otherwise dangerous for you), and B) the board looks uncoordinated aside from your suited cards.
  13. didn't read the other replies, but the number 700 comes to mind.
  14. check raiseing the flop would be a more accurate way of finding out fi he has an ace, but it would also be alot more expensive. You would have to put 1/2 your stack on the line to make that play.As the hand played out he has put almost 1/2 of his chips on the line in a situation where he knows you could easily have an ace, so i think you played it fine, and have to let it go under the circumstances.
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