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  1. Rockets ... 95Go Bears ... 64Smokehouse Warriors ... 50Rusty Trombones ... 87
  2. Sick thread FF update:Midget Humpers 63 (3)Go Bears 41 (4)Spider Monkeys 18 (5)The Rockets 54 (4)Mein Kamfederates 42 (5)Untouchables 15 (5)Smokehouse Warriors 8 (6)Rusty Trombones 67 (2)Yangsters 33 (3)Cleveland Steamers 42 (5)
  3. I think you just made Strat cry by admitting you use Internet Explorer.
  4. Unemployed for the next week - life is so good
  5. Excellent story. Reminds me of this cautionary tale, reposted from a different forum:Have you ever heard of the theory that when you do something really stupid or embarrassing, the best thing you can do is cry a little, then laugh about it and hope some other people get a good laugh? Well yeah. Ladies, if you're sensitive, I suggest you leave. Gentlemen, pay attention, this could affect you someday!It's 6am a couple mornings ago, and I had gotten home from work, made my requisite few posts here, and got ready for bed (read: opened up the porn playlist in realplayer). I've always been a guy tha
  6. Julianne Hough is quite possibly the sexiest woman alive.
  7. I did debate senior year because a ridiculously hot girl was looking for a debate partner. My experience would definitely qualify for a sick thread intro story. At least we won the trophy. Charlevoix and Boyne are nice, especially during the summer if you like seafood.
  8. Along with the Lions - not quite sure how they're winning this game.
  9. So...Dumbledore would fit in with this thread.
  10. I'm going to Rio in November. The first thing I will do is go to an airport restroom tap my foot in the appropriate manner flush a toilet so that I can report back to you.
  11. I used to do Outward Bound trips when I was in high school. You've never shit properly until you've had to dig a hole, prop up against a tree, and use an acorn to wipe.
  12. I have no trouble believing this at all.
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