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  1. For now, don't worry about them. In 5 years..hmm..
  2. Phi Delta Theta. We get our charter back this Friday. Thank God.
  3. If i think i'm better than my opponent, probably limit.On a basic level it's because there are more decisions to make, so more opportunities for my opponent to screw up while I am playing as close to perfect poker as possible.
  4. MasterLJ is right for the most part.In the long run, it's probably much better for you to play ABC poker at these buy-ins.Still, if you consider yourself a TAG player, then you probably are paying careful attention to your opponents. Bluffing is highly dependent on WHO you are bluffing. so figure it out yourself who is playing weak poker and run him over.
  5. you were correct Renae. I think i left right after the creation of //the hideout\\ or whatever it's called. I was looking for some faces I recognized, cuz it seems like there's about a billion new people.Custom...you didn't hate me, i was your bud back in the day. I was one of the earlier recruits to be in the fcpha and then i went to the philippines, then a lot of things happened to me, and poker and this forum took to the sidelines for a while. I have been insanely busy. Basically two things have taken over my life. I re-founded a fraternity, and became director of an ALS walk in Los A
  6. dnique, if you really want to cheat, ask tritz for his special program.
  7. aw, how nice of you to thank the players at ub. i'm glad you'll have enough money for a buy-in for the wsop soon, because i'm sure you'll take it down. how can you not? you have an internet hub. awesome.
  8. I've been kind of lurking around FCP for about...2 months. The change in the forum kind of gave me an excuse to take a break from poker and refocus on my incredibly busy life. I've been looking for a post to announce the rebirth of SapphireTiger in the world of poker and this looks to be a perfect post to respond to.Hi FCP. I've missed you.You sir, are an idiot.Thank you.
  9. "Day 30) ****, $6/hr for this shit. After I get done cleaning the parking lot, I come in and co-workers want to know what if I have a girlfriend and shit. I say no and they say "Internet porn." Well, they are dead right but ****, that's a little private."Hahahahahhaahhaa...redpill has some classic one-liners in here thate veryone should read.
  10. what it comes down to is that you really have to know your opponent. Against a random person? I wouldn't give off a fake tell even if i knew he was looking for one. Against a guy i play with often? Maybe i can make this move and pull it off. So you gotta know who you are playing against.
  11. Although that may work well for oyu ForKeeps, in general, you want the stacks to be deep and the levels to be long if you believe you are a better player than the field. There will be making more decisions throughout the tournament, which means you will be making more right decisions and the fish will be making more wrong decisions. +EV for you. Try pokerstars deep stacks.
  12. send me $5,000 to my Pokerstars account. Send it to KowboyKoop. If you do this, I PROMISE I will never post under this, or any other name, ever again.i would probably just kill him whenever i see him. i'm 200% sure i could kick his ass without even breaking a sweatteneightwell....you are quoting me..so you are talking to me..so you are saying that I should just kill SapphireTiger whenever I see him? and that you could kick his ass without breaking a sweat!?!? Wow, okay, I thought you and Sapphire were on the same side, but whatever. Tell me when you two get together to fight it out, I enjoy wa
  13. what's even worse is that AF have in production thongs for the 6-10 year old crowd.
  14. so what will it take for you to leave this forum kowboykoop...because i'm pretty much willing to do anything.
  15. its Jen Harman or Jennifer Harman. All of them use their names.
  16. Big price difference though, I heard PS 3's are going to run $800 lol, $400 at the most with everything included unlike the XBox 360. heard the same thing. around $400...
  17. the point is not whether you have insulted someone or not...the point is that you're an annoying little fuck that i'm sure many multiple people would risk their posting in the FCP forums for the chance that oyu are gone.
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