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  1. if splashmaster signs up someone let me know ASAP. i will offer a 20$ bounty to anyone who eliminates him.spoken like a true 12 year oldactually i would think that you would have been eager to play under a bounty. given that you are such a professional, having come 8th in numerous tournaments in 2002, you would surely realize the value of having players gun for you with marginal hands, no?how many final tables have you been to?nonethats what I thoughtend of story
  2. All requests should be sent in duplicate to myself, Madam Nikki, and Her Royal Highness, Mistress Renae Dawn. A picture and resume should be included. Women are encouraged to apply.What are the qualifications???qualifications include myself in the middle of whatever the goings on are :wink:
  3. if splashmaster signs up someone let me know ASAP. i will offer a 20$ bounty to anyone who eliminates him.spoken like a true 12 year old
  4. where you are sitting in no way controls the cards your getting.you do understand this right?if you asked about seat choices due to certain players playing styles as to being on the left or right, that would be different.to say you get better cards in the 1 seat is foolishthats like saying when I play craps, if i stand with my back towards the table they always seven outcards and dice have no memory
  5. whats this the horse tourney on full tilt?
  6. I'm fairly certain I took some heat too,but what else is new
  7. Im a poker dealer here in vegastips are not sharedwe keep our own tipsI make 6.00 an hour for my paycheckI make 130-200 in cash a night saturday, sunday being my best daysas far as the house is concerned, we thought the same thing.the houses your seeing for that price are in terrible areasI am in green valley my houise is 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathsmy house is in a really great area and I could sell it for about 350,000I could answer more questions for you, just pm me if you want
  8. guess soguess I will have to settle for cashmoneymomma :wink:As long as you don't mind a married woman w/2 babies! Lots of baggage here hell I can beat that Im married with 3 kidsat the ripe old age of 32
  9. hey steve,lets make a plan to play a session or 2 during the wsopI have been playing the aladdin 1-500 buy-in nlh game (2-5)I was staked the first night(wed) and won 1572. the second night I was staked again and won 350.last night I went on my own and lost 275but I have a 700 br right now, and trying hard not to blow it on mlb or the machines, I really want to play some sats for mirage and wsop coming up.
  10. But what determines what a blank card is? A 9 sure would seem harmless, but that obviously wasn't. Also he limped in from late position right? ( seriously) he did right cause i don't really remember. His kicker could have been anything. He easily could have limped against the blinds w/ Ace anything suited. So as long as the board doesn't pair he really doesn't know if he is beat. Say he bets like 8500 on the river, when a 9 comes off, then is raised. He's probably calling.yeah the 9 would be a" blank" but thats how it goes3/44 unseenim still not changing my mind, whether he won the pot or not,
  11. I do respect you stevebut if he asks what can he beat on the river, what could he possibly be ahead of on the turn? and all his chips went inthats why he almost 100% will call the river when a blank fallshes not betting twice than giving up on the river when a maeningless card rolls off.your telling me if a 3 pops on the river and kurt bets like 6500-8500 this man will fold?I cant see it.we disagree, thats okand kurt I may have jumped a bit at you for the "playing like a b itch remark" its cool. I have no problem with you.steve, you talk to david o yet?
  12. thats such a different situationhe wins a 100,000 if he wins and he moved in on the flopits not playing scared, its playing smart.you know he has 3 aces, you know he is probably not folding (kickers dont matter)you have took all your control out of the hand on the turn if the river bricks you get paid, if it pairs your still in contention so in essence, what you did was give him a freeroll to take all your chips(assuming he wont fold on the turn, which was obviously the case)where as flatcalling the turn puts him in a spot where he has to call if a blank comes, and you escape with a board pair
  13. This is what I have been trying to get across.And I agree a raise is a better choice than a call, but I didn't think just raising would make him seriously think about folding. Say I raise his 3.5k to like 10k. Gives me 6 left, which commits me on the river, and I am quite sure he would call there. If I go all in, it's sending a clear message that I have the best hand and he's gonna need to draw out on me. Much more likely to get a fold. And for the people arguing about calling again, and waiting to see whether the river pairs the board again.... that is called PLAYING LIKE A BITCH!!!!You c
  14. thats niceyou made a friend :wink:
  15. I have not played 1-2 in 10 years. but you are probably right QJ will call down with or without a raise.dont get me wrong, if there are 2 -3 limpers and I'm the sb, you best believe im popping it with AK5-7 limpers, I'll raise maybe 20% of the time depending on game variables and players and such.
  16. are you factoring in extra bets you gain from limping when the flop is A q 6 and are paid the whole way by QJyou also gain deceptionagain, Im not saying i limp all the time, but I vary my play with AK and AQ alot (out of position)
  17. good luck "outplaying" 1-2 limit holdem players.you keep firing into the J 8 5 flop so the guy with 89 calls you down and says "see I knew he had AK"Im not saying never raise out of position with AK, I am saying to mix it up with the hand (AQ also)
  18. let me knowmaybe we can have a private game where I deal
  19. even out of the sb with 6 limpers?tell me what this accomplishes?I respect your views wrto, so elaborate
  20. couple of things1. there had to be 1300 in the pot not 700 (1700 counting the bet)2. you should have raised to 600-700 on the button not the minimum3. he made a bad call, but his mistake was made preflop (thats another story)4. your play on the flop was ok, but did you have the info on the player that would have clued you in he makes poor calls? if not than it was a bad play, knowing he will call with anything
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