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  1. MMMAWeekly/BonnarGiven his build, he's one of the last guys I would have expected to fail a steroid test.
  2. Nicely put BigD!At the fundamental level, there's no real difference between the "big time" candidates of the major parties. Let's look at the last presidential election. Effectively, our two choices were:1) The rich, elite, Yale-educated, skull and bones, bilderberg approved, globalist; or2) The other rich, elite, Yale-educated, skull and bones, bilderberg approved globalist.The same body is controlling both puppets.
  3. This is actually an interesting hand (to me at least). I've been toying with the concept of pushing PF in these situations. If I raise, get called, and C-bet, I end up in Harrington's "Red Zone", or have to make difficult decisions later. If I just push, I get to see all 5 cards. The "Red Zone" sucks. The "Orange Zone" isn't much better. Lately, I've found that if I'm in the "Orange Zone", I'm better off just pushing a hand I want to play. I'm still trying to figure out if this is how I want to play (why this hand interests me), but it seems like a good way to simplify the "Orange Zone"
  4. HtotheNootch


    I love MMA. I've liked what I've seen of the IFL so far.
  5. #20, but a lot of that comes from growing up a Redskins fan and supporting Joe Gibbs.I've met Stewart, DAMN is he short!
  6. The nature of the tournament beast. I don't play as often as most here, but I went 8 months without anything better than a minimum MTT cash (I did okay in SnGs during that time so I wasn't risking going broke), but basically erased the previous 8 months in one night. That's how tourneys work.
  7. Always trust what Copernicus says. I call there and hope for the set.
  8. I fold it. I hate A-Q. If I don't fold it, I call hoping to hit the hell out of the flop. I'm not going to play hard post flop if I hit an A or a Q without some other outs.A-Q = Trouble!
  9. Unless I'm doing a low-M push, I fold A-Q religiously. I hate that hand. Against a raise and a re-raise, I muck without a thought.
  10. FYPEven though I think Mitch was gold, Hicks was GOD!
  11. Whatever you do, don't go back to law school. You were smart enough to realize that Law wasn't for you before you went through the whole process. I wasn't and regret it to this day.
  12. I've won a lot of chips gambling in that spot.That said, the less than standard raise gives me pause.
  13. No I didn't know that. I was only a kid who so dreamed of being an astronaut that I went to Space Camp twice. My knowledge only adds to my questions.
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