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  1. HappyG

    The Hideout

    then stewart was inspiration for peter griffin.
  2. why hasn't suited responded? the pooper is his specialty.
  3. 9 times out of 10, I don't read on the crapper, unless there's reading material already in the stall. There usually isn't.
  4. Some are better than others. The ones I currently frequent are pretty nice. The ones a few months ago...I'd rather poop in a trash bag.
  5. Why is it, that every time I go into a library, I have to poop?Discuss.
  6. HappyG

    The Hideout

    Has anyone drawn the distinction between Miss Swan and Rosanne Barr? Because I see it...
  7. HappyG

    The Hideout

    QFT. SHE no looka likea man.
  8. HappyG

    The Hideout

    well, even balloons have their limits...one prick and it's all over SUITED!
  9. good one.i just send kids to the candy tree.
  10. HappyG

    The Hideout

    Razzament at my house. I'll bring the razorblades.
  11. Does that mean I no longer have to eat Emerald Nuts?
  12. I haven't read this entire thread yet, but if Dutch hasn't posted in this thread, I'm going to cry.
  13. HappyG

    The Hideout

    So, I has an apartment now. Moving in in a few days, paying the deposit and first month's rent Friday.
  14. HappyG

    The Hideout

    ok, so work's been going alright, for it being mcdonald's and all. had band practice last night, and that went killer. i seriously believe we're on the right track. got a drummer now, which is usually the toughest part.
  15. HappyG

    The Hideout

    I'm still alive, and am now noticing how way off base the FCP banners are now. They're only three steps away from selling Tantlar's pottery.
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