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  1. Rakeback at party poker is very common among high volume players, but since party doesnt endorse it you won't hear any of them bragging about it or any affiliates advertising it. It's not hard to get when you know where to look. I've been getting it at 30% for a while now.
  2. ***UPDATE***Heh, I was checking for some of my old posts a few minutes ago and came across this one. This thread tickles me to read now because I was such a noob back then and I can see how it warranted such responses. Everything I typed was entirely true however, but I just ran incredibly lucky. Lucky in the sense that I didn't have a true losing streak that entire time.Maybe a month after making that post I experienced true variance and was met with this thing called "tilt". I didn't handle it that well, I ended up losing 7 buyins at 100 nl and went to 600 nl trying to make it back. I g
  3. If he's not.... please tell me someone who is. He's at the very least in the top 3 of most successful poker players.
  4. If anyone is actually going to poker casinos just to socialize with a bunch of degenerates and gamblers then they really need to expand their own social network. Playing online does not mean you can't socialize with friends... unelss ur playing 20 hours a day in which case you need to seek a life coach.
  5. You idiot, i wasnt saying she looked like kathy liebert's little sister, i was quoting someone else who did and giving a reason as to why they are saying this. Go beat off to more porn loser.
  6. alot of u guys that are saying u'd bang her are seeing the old Jennicide with the pics that most people thought she was hot in... not the new jennicide where the OP is saying she looks like kathy liebert's little sister
  7. 10,250 for first in a $100 multi on party
  8. about 45,000i play 3/6 nlI still remember my first post a long time ago when I got flamed as a "liar" and told i'd be broke soon. I will agree with one thing though, back then I had no idea how scary variance was.
  9. I've seen him beg for money on stars too.... and no i'm not joking, wasn't sure if your remark was implying he doesn't beg or not. =/
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