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  1. Waiting for Stacked keeps me coming back. I just love the lame excuses about the sub-atomic game -everytime you observe the release date it vanishes.
  2. 1) Nice shot in the dark!For someone with no info you make large assumptions.2)I like your attitude.3) Yes this is true providing you don't create a Toronto reporter whom reports about how homo DN was while he lived in TO.
  3. No it would be pathetic that I remembered how to exactly spell the name of an obscure gaming company that DN pimped on this site 2 years ago. Yes real pathetic, but good for you!
  4. The highest limit I every played then fell asleep was .01/.01 no limit holdem live. It was crazy. I wasn't really concerned about the $50 dollars I lost, but what really concerned me was the fact that I woke up with my penis stuck in an empty bottle of Coors light.Images available here: http:www.home-made-movies.com
  5. And the Jerk Store called. They are running out of you!Zing, I'm cool
  6. For immediate publication. Copyright Myline 2030.MYline is proud to anounce the Release of Stacked with Daniel Negreanu, available on all major home gaming entertainment systems, including PC. Unfortunatly Microsoft's XBOX and Sony's PS3 technology no longer exsist and the CD medium that the game has been printed on has been obsolite since 2009. However we are proud of our efforts.Myline would like to express our deepest sympathy about Daniel's recent death from lack of meat protein and we wish he could only be here to see the game that he pimped so hard collecting dust in the Pakistani wareho
  7. No. It won't be released on Earth until 2030. However, I have it on good authority that the Mars release date of May/30/2006 is firm. But then again who knows?
  8. "Then I turned to my next bit of stress related chores and started chopping away at my instructional book that is set to be released later this year. So far, I’m VERY happy with it and think you guys will all learn a ton from it when it’s released."If the book is anything like Stacked I won't expect the book till spring, no summer, no winter 2010 P.S. maybe fall 2011
  9. BM cashout = 1700 dollar mattress set.OL poker cash out = fat bloated liver
  10. I am in the same boat. I have Pols degree and it is useless. If you want my advice get a trade.I went to school late -graduated last year and I am now thirty. The only jobs my degree get me are junior office positions - the kind I could have gotten with a high school diploma and a little hustle.My younger brother is 27 and he went of his electrical ticket when he was twenty. Now he has his own company and he's making over 150k a year.I might have the book smarts but he had the common sence.
  11. Okay. Calling everyone out.Everyone post user names for each site they play on and each person can search to see if each poster is actually as good as they claim.I am sure that some posters on this website actually have an impresive win record online, but most I am sure suck and bleed money (on the micro tables). So I think it should be a rule that if you are going to flame someone for bad plays; suck outs; and bad advice -post your credentials for such responses.
  12. You really have to dumb down your play online. I recently have been playing a lot of NLHE HU tournys and you can guarntee a 3x big blind raise is going to get called by anything. And the problem with HU is they are almost always right to call, because most of the time players are playing with crap paired with crap. So to get any respect for your raises you pretty much have to go all in. The problem with this is that you look like a donk when you finally meet a good player who looks at your over betting (usually at the 50 and up) and lays the insults in. God I hate that
  13. Maybe he is playing on these tables because he found that it it s full of poker fourm know-it-alls who lucked out on the.10/.25 tables and are playing above there skill level. +EV to quote a loser buzz word.sw
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