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  1. it's funny. I changed my name since I never play limit anymore, and then I posted what I thought was a great rakeback site for new players who play low stakes (because rakeback is very important) and I was called a spammer and had my posting abilities turned off.Whoever did that is not better than that f*ggot Sklansky and any other Mod who deleted or bans dissenting opinions. In closing, eat a d*ck. One less forum for me to ever visit.
  2. The solution is simple. Burn your computer. Or yourself.
  3. There's a thread on it already, I think. It only retails for $30 and I have a few games I want to trade in, so I'm picking it up today.
  4. If so, PM me with the % and necessary info. First come, first serve. Gracias.
  5. gonna go out on a limb here and say the WSOP helped a little.
  6. with you in limping here. I am not a fan of raising oop with something like Ace-10 unless I know villain to be a weak opponent. I like seeing a cheap flop here.since you're oop, Scotty, are you firing if you whiff the turn? If so, how much?edit: that is if he simply calls your check raise.
  7. your play was bad, but that it was 3 handed meant there was far less chance he raised with a good hand and/or hit the flop hard.after he smooth called your raise, you never defined your hand. all you did was call smallish bets in the hopes that he was bluffing, which he was.however, had he bet something like $45 or $50 on the river, can you call? no. your play was bad, his was worse.
  8. I don't mini-raise his raise and I pay off a bad UTG KJ limp if that's what happened. I think your made hand is beating whatever he pushed with and he got you to make a scared fold.
  9. you're the only one who thought it was funny.that is all.
  10. the last line is key -- don't make any kind of 'play' that throws up a red flag on someone's radar, i.e. limping from UTG or making a larger than normal raise preflop.It's post-flop where AA gets tricky depending on the board and # of callers. If you have specific examples, post them in the NL or Limit strat section and you'll get good answers. ...usually.
  11. weird that no one had the balls to claim the pot?Nah...
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