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  1. so you want me trust a perfect stranger?do you really think my friend will spend your money?lol
  2. trust me, my dick is here, and if your husband had what I have, you would not need to spend your time posting on forums
  3. ok buddy i suggested we send money to an IMPARTIAL 3rd party, not your best bud dr. doolittle. Youve talked so much smack about how im a punk kid, im not in your league, blah blah blah. Well, im sitting here on stars WAITING FOR YOU to take my money. Forget the excuses, man. $200 is a drop in the bucket, but i guess it means something to you. Just realize that every time you open your mouth from now on, people are reading it thinking "this is the guy that claimed to be pro but wouldnt play some punk kid for 100$ a go. " have a nice evening.I willso I guess the answers no thats cool
  4. I know you?yeah that makes sensethis kid has my full nameI can post my adress if he wantsHowever I will not transfer money to anyone that I dont have contact withif he does not want to thats fine.someone must have a brain and understand this
  5. I just sent a close friend of mine to justblaze and asked him to transfer 250.00 into his accounthis reply was for me to lick his balls.yet he wanted me to transfer money into a perfect strangers account. make sense?not to me.the only way im playing him is if there is money held.
  6. and I just now at 5:25 pacific time, did I see this
  7. omg, he was on there for 3 hours and NOW you look!! hold on, he'll come back!!you may be the biggest loser of allare you gonna jag off while you watch us play?get a lifeand quick wowscary
  8. yeah right... what a coincidence that less than 5 minutes after he gets off you look for him on stars... you're probably lurking at the table waiting for him to log off before you say anything.no just came on here like 5 mins agoI have a life actually, unlike the people who constantly flame me.
  9. My question for you is Why? Daniel specifically said the following... So... Why do you think UTG is the "Man to be worried about"? Lol... he's the least of my concerns!lol?I counter that with a double lol
  10. just looked for him on stars and hes no where to be found
  11. and I suppose i have to just trust you wont qiut on me?I think not
  12. he said he was emailing support on stars. your gues is as good as mine
  13. oh yeah pretty easy fold imo
  14. agree, bb is 40you should make it 120-150 with 1010
  15. no chance im transferring money to a perfect stranger.do you think im a fool?I have plenty of friends on pokerstars that would hold the money and I would feel more comfortable that way. you know my full name (from your detective work on my tourney results) I can give you my adress if you dont trust me.your set-up sounds good though I will play the best of 7 alternating nl and limit, with the 1st match decided by a play $$ hand.I'm out the door right now, I will check back tonight
  16. Im leaving for work in 15 mins so If I dont respond now dont think im backing out I will be home by 7 or 8 pacific time
  17. and you dont?good post.thank you kindly
  18. so you got some money? ready to play yet??EDIT: i was logged on last nite, and sunday night. cashed in the 100+9 limit tourney sunday, does that make me a pro like you?yes I have moneyand no your not in my leauge, if you really want to knowi will play you for $500.00 any time you wantlets see who the big mouth is nowI won the sahara tournament 3 days ago (2,950)I put 500 in pokerstars and 200 in full tilt for the bonuson full tilt I'm playing 10-25cent no-limit and sngs to clear the bonuslet me know if you want to play me on pokerstars big mouthwhich part cant you read? I WANT TO PLAY YOU ON P
  19. this one didnt do it for me1 and 2 were much better
  20. wrongI said when I have poker $$$ I would play him500.00 or nothingyou pick live or sngno limit is my choice but I will play limit if you wantfunny your not responding anymore
  21. I'll take a shot for a 10 handed table1. this years wsop champ2. gus hansen---how he can EVER be left out of superstar table is sick3. edog---- I agree he must be at this table4. doyle-----hes doyle5. john juanda-----his results over 5 years in big tourneys should be enough6. mr. negreanu7. phill Ivey------someone tell me why he should not be there, im listening8. layne flack------in my opinion, maybe top 3 of all nlh tourney players9. ted forrest-----as seasoned as anyone, frightening skills10. the grinder------must I say why, a true animalalternate #1 tuan lealternate#2 carlos mortenson
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