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  1. Min-bump pre I give the guy credit for a hand. He obviously doesn't put you on the jack so he bumps you with his pair. Flat the flop. Fade a scare card on the turn and c/r to stack-off.
  2. Yea, I'm slidin the turn. Then of course you get murdered by the river but meh.
  3. $70 in the middle and we have $160..why are you not pushing preflop?
  4. Everytime this has happened at my pokerroom, the dealer calls the floor and is instructed to replace the card in the deck, shuffle, and burn and turn again.
  5. Release. If villian hasn't gotten out of line before I'd think he's not here. Only time you can call here, imo, is if you suspect villian is trying to pick off what he perceives as a blind steal by you. You're stack is deep enough to let this go.
  6. Fair enough. I don't know why this seemed like such a decision for me at the time but I did think for about a minute before pushing..where I was promptly snapped by pocket kings..heart on the river of course. I assume that because I ended up being behind on the flop and way off on my read that I made the wrong play..heat of the moment and all that. Meh, cheers.
  7. Even if we are ahead here I fold. You still have plenty of chips so just let the dbag take it down until you have a stronger spot on him.
  8. The minimum bet is the big blind, you should have been allowed to make your bet.
  9. 18 remaining, average chipstack is @30,000.We had just broken down to the final two tables when this hand came up. No read on the villian (except alot of guys bitching @ the break about how good he was running). We had maybe completed one orbit where I didn't see him get out of line with anything.Blinds 1000/2000/200Hero: 50,000kVillian: 75,000kFolds around to me in MP with AdQh I pop it to 6,000 villian in BB repops to 12,000, I call. Pot: 26,300Flop: Ah Kh 9hVillian immediately announces 15,000Me?
  10. Bet the turn. Villian folds. NH.As played snap.Only thing that could improve fade's pic is if the baby had a shovel in his hand. THAT would be perfect.
  11. My standard raise is 3x-3.5x the BB when I'm first to act, I'll add a BB for every limper. So early in the tournament I'm c-betting this flop everytime. Or you could just fold preflop..but that would be silly.
  12. Call. The ridiculous overbet seems like a big flush draw. The nut flush is (I hesistate to say never) almost never making this bet, and even a smaller one would milk you a little better..unless the guy is just terrible. I would be much more concerned about a smooth call then a shove here. Min-poppin pre with a hand like this simply gets you into trouble on the flop, he likely could have flopped it..either way I'm happy about gettin it in there. If he shows you the 5d6d kick yourself for not raising like you have some testicular fortitude.
  13. With no reads on the villian I'm snap folding and looking forward to the next hand. Anyone believe checking behind on the flop is the optimal play here? Edit: Perhaps I'll start reading the thread before I post..lol
  14. Having not read all the thrilling commentary yet (and I'm sure it's thrilling), I'm dumping here. You don't have that much invested and Kings aren't holding very well against two other hands. You're most likely up against a set...Just for shits and giggles..can anyone make an arguement for checking the flop? In a four-way you gotta figure someone is all over that flop and it's not the Kings. I don't like that flop at all and might have aired on the site of caution..or thrown a small blocker out there (100-150) to see where I was. Is not c-betting completely dry here? Good to be back.Edit: Quit
  15. I heart highwaystar's manhandling.edit: you crazy kids are going to make me deposit online.
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