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  1. why fold face up ? i sure as hell wouldn't want anyone knowing i could be pushed off something that strong when put to the test.
  2. we have been shielded from the "breadline" type recession by the chinese propping up the dollar in exchange for us buying their lead ridden goods...moral of the story...don't stiff your waiter at pf changs
  3. i think there were 9 out of 18 players left. top 5 get tokens and 6th gets a 14 bucks. at the time really only 4 people had chips, her, me, the push monkey, and one other guy everyone else was either crippled or needed to move soon or get blinded off. funny thing was she made the call, the aces held up vs AQ sooted and i got sandwiched between two monster stacks and basically had to fold for the rest of the tournament. i think ive played 4 of these cheapy satellites on tilt and ive gotten a token each time. i play a little loose to start try to double up once then hunker down into ultra nit mo
  4. i was playing in an 8.80 tier 1 satellite on FT last night and FT pro chris klecz was on my left. she had a comfortable amount of chips to make top 5 for the token. she raised on the button and the SB moved in and he could cripple her. i'm not saying she was going to fold her aces but there was that little click hitch in her response before she made the call. i just thought it was interesting since i'd never seen it come up.
  5. i fold it but i also add A8-A10 to copernicus's push range. M~10 just means your fuel light is blinking not that your running on empty. fold that jack high and wait a little longer.
  6. the drunken buffoonery was one thing but the part where he says he was trying to protect e-dogg's hand with the raise was ridiculous and he should have been forced to sit out for awhile at the very least.
  7. squeezing pre-flop with a shove is an option. i'm not sure its a great option since straight forward ABC poker crushes micro stakes. the only time i try the "call with nothing to outplay my opponent on the flop" is heads up in position. However this type of fancy play is best used against players who understand that people generally don't call with nothing. the best goofy experiment to try is covering your hole cards and not looking at them the entire game and seeing if you can cash. i like to call it Helen Kellering/Good against remotes (obscure star wars reference) or perhaps in more recent
  8. yes i am back ...now whether that is a good thing or not remains to be seen.everyone is all baller now. Troyomac and fluffdog are playing in world series events...jeez that'll teach me to cash out and get a real job . im playing at full tilt now. i hate it. i miss the ultra fishy tournaments at full contact/poker room. i assume most people followed daniel to stars yes ?
  9. from what ive seen of the 20 dollar 45 mans on full tilt i thikn those are the way to go. maybe i've been lucky but cashing in a 45 man seems only a little more difficult than cashing in a 9 man. the crazies still will double you up and suicide themselves. With one double up or just some solid play i find myself near the final table almost every time. also if you can play in the evenings especially late. the nitty SnG grinders play a lot during the day.take some notes too. i recognize a lot of the SnG players in the 20 dollar games. if you see a few of the more solid players in the game maybe
  10. lol guess ive been unlucky but the min donk bet almost every time someone does it to me is the supreme overlord nuts. funny thing is i usually have AK or AQ that missed...shovel-> busto. its a good way to confuse me so if you see me in your tourney...please no donk bets.
  11. i like the 45 mans. i dont find making it deep in those that much harder or time consuming than cashing in a 9 man these days.
  12. if we think the villain is not bluffing there is only one non bluffing hand - AQ- we would be thrilled to see. flat calling isn't really an option with our stack so we shovel or fold it. i lean towards a fold with very little to no fold equity if we re-pop. all math aside tournament experience is what has to carry you through these spots...this is just not a situation that the villain can be bluffing very often and if its not a bluff its a coin flip.
  13. Limping with KK in general is a poor play. You invite ace rags, small pairs, suited connectors and all sorts of interesting hands into the pot behind you and you never know if you have the best hand unless you make a set of kings on the flop. Unless you are very comfortable mucking KK on what looks like a "safe" flop stick to the standard raise.there are a few times you can limp with KK. If you are in EP with a moderate to short stack with lots of aggressive players behind you who like to raise you can limp and hope for a re-raise so you can move in. The other time i do it is HU. Its a powerf
  14. ah i see. thanks. i like people lookin me up lol. ive had people make bad calls against me because they looked at sharkscope and saw i was losing.
  15. ive never been one to pay much attention to sharkscope but its kinda fun to check out people you play with and see if they are winnin. i did a search for one of the guys at my table and got a message that said access to this player' statistics had been disabled and was wondering how this was done. anyone have any clues ?
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