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  1. I think he called with a garbage like J7 and hit a full house. I'd check the river and fold if that becomes too expensive.
  2. Best post in this thread. You're right, it is very frustrating when you spend two hours at a table a lose most of your stacks because of a donkey. When i'm trying to build my bankroll and that i lost like $20 in 3 days becasue of those micro stakes donkeys, it drives me insane.I will try to follow your advices.
  3. I agree with you. But the problem is that when someone beats you with an invisble and trash hand you lose a lot of chips. Yesterday in a tourney i had JAs and raised in late position. A player with a lot of chips called. Flop came J72 rainbow, i wanted to trap my opponent, i called on the flop and the turn and 3bet him on the river.....dude had 72s....seriously wtf? I didn't lost all my chips but probably 1/3 of my stacks. There's nothing you can't do when people don't give a shit and enter the pot with any two cards. That's just what i'm trying to say. For me i didn't play this hand like a to
  4. Ok thanks. i'll also add that by raisinfdonly 2.5BB pre flop you give your opponents to see the flop for cheap. Yesterday i've been kicked out of a tourney by a guy who had a pair of sixed Vs my queens. He flopped a set, i didn't realize it (flop was 688, tur was blank) and i went all in like an idiot.
  5. I've just finished to read Daniel's Power hold'em strategy and i think i'll have to reread it many times if i want to understand most of the things he explains. But i already have few questions :One of the most important principles of small ball, if i'm not wrong, is to "mini raise" pre flop in order to see as much flops as possible and to keep the pot small. So daniel says to raise 2.5BB. When playing $1.2 tournment i'd say it is borderline impossible because, if you're lucky players after you will just call, but most of the time someone will raise you a lot, so you'll probably have to fold a
  6. I don't think you should take your descision to call or not because of the pot odds. Of course it is important too. But your first problems should be to put your opponents on a range of hands, then trying to know why he makes this move.Whould you call on the river just because you have some good pot odds with no hand if there's a good chance that your opponent actually have the best hand? i hope no...
  7. I understand what you guy are saying. I had no problem to beat the game at $0.02 : i won $130 in like 30 days playing at those stake before variance (and some bad calls) hit me.Like you problably know in some sports, or in some others strategy games, an expert would rather play agaisnt some good opponents than against a rookie, because a newbie will do any kind of crazy moves that don't make sense, when a good player will follow a strategy with a logic.My opinion is that a micro stakes a lot of people aren't here to make money, they just want to have fun. Nobody is afraid to lose 40 cents, so
  8. i'm fighting at $0.02 and $0.05 since April. I' ve started with $18 and went up to $140. Then i lost many sessions and few tournaments and i'm not back at $100. Yesterday evening i tried to play out off my bankroll ($0.10) and won about $25 in one hour (more than i did at $0.02 in 10 days).I've noticed that at $0.02 and $0.05 most people probably don't know anything about odds and will paid any bet if they like their hands. This way of playing is boring as hell imo because : - You can't bluff any player.- Most players will only play their cards and will not be scared of a flush or straight dra
  9. Going all in pre flop with any hand that looks sexy. Damn..i fawkin' hate micro stakes tourney when you can see a donk going all in with with 88 and another calling with 9Jo....
  10. So yesterday evening, i was back at $0.02. I played ABC poker, you know what i'm talking about. Suddenly i have KK, the guy UTG raises like 3 BB, i reraise 5-6 times in late position. He calls. Flop comes like 3-7-J rainbow. He bets like half the pot. I know he's going to call if i go all-in so this is what i do. He calls. Turn is blank and the river is a 2. Dude had pocket deuces. Wtf? There's nothing i can do.....A lot of hands were liek this one and i lost 2 buy-ins in the evening. Now my bankroll is down to $80+. Actually i'm thinking about trying Voodoo.....if it can helps me.
  11. That's not what i've said. I said i limped with aces, then i called a raise instead of reraising and i finally been outdrawned (sp?).With my old style game, i'd have raised (or reraised pre flop) and with a caller i'd have reraised him and the flop and won the pot.So not making big raise, limping and trying to trapped another player could be very costly.
  12. Yeah, that's what i thought. i think i'll avoid it for a while.
  13. i watched the clip again. Damn...he's hawt. Sorry i meant, SHE'S hawt.
  14. Do you remind a guy called George W Bush? He's a born again Christian and used to think he was on a mission.. It should explain everything.Go Barack!
  15. My penis is already huge enough bro..
  16. LOL. Maybe i missed something because i'm reading it in English. What's the meaning of "folding"? yeah, damn Canadian...he can't even write in French!Daniel, You own me $80 ($50 that i lost playing small ball + $30 for your book).
  17. ok, thanks . I finally unsuscribed because i don't think i'm ready for this kind of tournaments. But i'll follow your advices when i'll have to play one.
  18. Looks like Daniel is everywhere these days : Xmen Origins, katty Perry's video clip, etc.... What the next step ? Playgirl's cover?ps : Do you think he tried something with Katty Perry like "hey wanna leanr poker? Come at my house tonight at 10:00pm, i'll show you some tricks".
  19. I'm actually reading Daniel's book and i first thought that small ball was a great strategy in tourney and that it could be use in cash games too. the fact is i lost 1/3 of my bankroll in less than 3 days.Generally i start to double my buy-in (or more) and finally lose it all when i limp with Aces, just call and the flop and a donk outdraw me. I use to start a very tight and agressive game and i won a lot of money (at micro stakes). Now that i'm trying to follow this technique, i feel seriously depressed and i'm on tilt every time i lose my buy in. I even insulted a guy in the chat because i w
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