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  1. Not sure if this goes here or where....so if it needs to be moved....feel free!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTRCXVTr8cgI dont know how to embed it here so you'll have to check out the link!!
  2. Favorite Poker PlayerBesides myself :)Would be Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and John Juanda. All for different reasons!
  3. I think he did tell us in a video blog....I slightly remember it. I did see the movie..awesome movie..
  4. He has a lot more money than I do....if that means anything
  5. Yet another stupid question from me but this past Sunday on HSP. After Daniel left they cut back after commercial and Eli was talking about someone leaving and then Doyle said "he's the biggest baby I know" or something to that affect. Do you think they were talking about Daniel or someone else? I didnt catch a name at all...but Daniel was stuck quite a bit wasnt he? Shouldnt he be allowed to end the session?
  6. Thanks for the replies!! Now I can look forward to watching it..
  7. 66 views and nobody knows Come on..somebodys gotta know!!
  8. I was just wondering if anyone knew if he taped that for this year? I know his face is shown on the commercials but everything I can find on the 'net doesnt list him..anyone know???Thanks
  9. I believe and I'm sending all my thoughts and prayers with you and your family!I hope everything goes well!
  10. Any woman responding in this thread yet??Well, I'm a woman and I believe in FREEDOM OF CHOICE!!!!!!!Here in Wisconsin a mother who is just 21 and has 5 kids already, let her 2 month old baby starve to death. Whats more humane?? Or inhumane?? I have no idea if abortion was even an option to her. But I'd rather see someone like that NOT have a child (she should be spade to be honest) than to have one and torture it for 2 months.I dont however think abortion should be a form of birth control. I am against that. We should have better sex education courses in middle school and high school....
  11. I guess it comes down to this.If only we lived in a country where we are all free to choose......oh wait....WE DO!!!!Let everyone judge...who cares...do whatever the hell you want!!!!!!
  12. I just have to say this...Just because you are skinny..does NOT mean you eat healthyJust because you are heavy...does NOT mean you DONT eat healthy.Its comments like the one that Daniel and others make that give the assumption that all "fat" people eat fast food or too much, NOT true. Some people have medical reasons they cant lose weight or gain weight. My mother has kidney disease. Skinny before..now not skinny. Why?? Most people when they look at her think its because of the way she eats...has nothing to do with it. I cant stand people that judge other people because of the way they look. W
  13. I say do whatever to make YOU happy Daniel!!! Dont worry about anyone else! If you are happy, everything else will fall into place!Happy New Year!!!!
  14. Hi..I have all of his DVD's...and like what was said before if you are a beginner they are GREAT!!!I'm a HUGE Hellmuth fan (as I'm sure everyone knows) so I enjoyed them anyway...They are worth the money thats for sure...I also have Howards....not impressed at all....If Daniel is putting some out...:)Then those I'm sure will be great!!Lori
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