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  1. Sometimes? I can't stand watching him, nothing about him is funny to me at all. It is the same endless talking, the same dumb laugh, and the pointless lieing. Shut up Laak you moron!
  2. These are two of the worst commentators ever!!!!
  3. I've got a few that I hate: "That's poker"; Basically anyone who says a statement like a question "But I had the Q"; Anything with ments attached to it, it is NOT funny in ANYWAY!; "But <enter well known poker player> does it"; "I can play against <enter well known poker player> anyday"; Phil Hellmuth.
  4. I'm still semi-retired, but I thought I would share this hand with you guys. Any thoughts? What kinda of range do you put both me and villain on?Background:Hero - 3-bets a wide range, has several gears and is capable of many types of plays.Villain - Raises at least twice every round. Seems to play some bizarre form of small ball, is spewy in certain spots.No Limit Hold'emEPMPVil (CO)ButtonSBHero (BB)Preflop: (1.50 BB) Hero is BB with XXEP folds, MP folds, Vil raises to 2.50x, Button folds, SB folds Hero raises to 8.00x, Vil callsFlop: (16.50 BB) 6d Js 6c (2 players)Hero bets 1.10x , Vil callsT
  5. Ya I have no idea what the question is either.
  6. .... that Pat is a God! I just thought I would finish that sentence for you. I'm glad that Simpsons guy is gone and replaced by Dwan. It makes it much more interesting.
  7. Hey, thanks bro, I`m busy this weekend so would have missed it.
  8. I don't really think this is such a big deal, but I might play a different style then the OP.
  9. This. Both the amateurs are extremely boring. Sam Simon played zero hands this session and Nick Cassavetes just sucks. It`s not good when the most exciting thing about the episode is what rating Nick Cassevettes gives ``The Matrix``
  10. In Hand #1 and Hand #2, I agree with pretty much everything that simo_8ball has already stated. In Hand #3, I would have raised pre-flop (pot sized). I think you're playing too passively pre-flop in all honesty. As played, since you have a strong re-draw I would just raise the pot and get it all in right away.
  11. It's kind of dependant on how well you play post 3rd.
  12. You don't have to play that hand on 3rd street with a small ante and the game being so loose. As played though, you should definately bet on 5th street since you caught such a GOOD bluffing card.
  13. He is more likely to call you down now since he knows that you are capable of bluffing in these types of situations. It has both its drawbacks and its rewards. But I think you will be able to get away with more if you just mucked your hand, since this play is so out of character for you.
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