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  1. Some good, well thought out points here. However, there are many glaring errors which detract from both the purpose and coherence of your points. I suggest you meticulously review your essay prior to submitting so as to avoid such discrepancies. Despite the anomalies, an enjoyable read. C-
  2. The poll is completely messed up, I agree. I had typed it out perfectly but when I clicked submit the software preposterously deleted most of the questions. Anyway, it will suffice. PS It appears Obama is currently PWNING!
  3. What the f*uck happened to my poll? I had 3 other options which mysteriously vanished. ****ing crappy software. Damn it!
  4. I realise there is a thread not dissimilar to this(scorecard thread); However, I wish to use this in concert with said thread to garner some statistical data.
  5. Of course it should be legal! Anyone who says otherwise is a complete and utter moron! LOCK thread- end of discussion!
  6. Teehee That Montana hillbilly comment worked a treat. The truth is dear, you do not have the capacity to enage in any form of discourse with the likes of me. Now shoo! back to your husband/brother. I am a genius! KAPOW!
  7. Ah ha! Well done for conceding defeat gracefully; you may be an idiot, but at least you are an idiot with class. Now begone from this thread! I have to defend my territory from real threats, not misfits like yourself. Some people
  8. PotOdds RAC wrote: "Keep denying that you are a Troll - Only a true Troll would bother to have an Avatar of a burning US Flag." You really need to read threads properly before commenting. You just got PWNED sir! I am in control of this thread!
  9. If I LOL I type it, therefore if I chortle I shall do likewise. You fail at everything, singger!
  10. LOL! That burning USA flag avatar really irritates you eh? Chortle, I knew it would. If you had one modicum of intelligence you would realise it is I who have PWNED this thread. I have highlighted the crucial importance of constructive criticism, which was my primary objective. I have also handled the expected hostility with consummate ease. Additionally, I have exposed Balloon guy as the narcissistic cretin that he. I am pleased with myself.
  11. This thesaurus you speak of happens to be inbuilt into my brain. Unlike you I have a rich vocabulary. @Balloongay: you were being egregiously snobbish, don't you dare try and cover it up. Your attitude stinks quite frankly, and I'm not surprised no one takes you seriously. You are nothing but a clown to be brutally honest.
  12. This is really pathetic on a number of levels, even for the likes of you. To insinuate that ones salary heightens the worth of their opinion is downright imbecilic. In fact this kind of nonsense, which is prevalent in the neoconservative mindset, is one of the reasons America is so royally ****ed at the moment. What a hideous mentality to posses. Utter delinquent!
  13. At least you have no shame in seeking education on this matter. Daniel is, as aforementioned, a great player: he receives unrelenting and deserving praise each time he enacts a wonderfully crafted poker move. Yet, it is just as important to inform Daniel when his play is deficient, so as to help him comprehend that there are quite conspicuous weaknesses in his game. In a sense, people like me are like a tutor to Daniel, generously advising him when he makes ill advised decisions and positivly reinforcing that sense of elation when he accomplishes his objectives. People like you who blat
  14. Declining yes, but not dying. I always write interesting and informative content so I shan't have any trouble finding gainful employment. The balloon industry is in a spot of bother so I hear? I would cancel that early retirement plan if I were you.
  15. The premise for this thread was basically an observation I made whilst viewing HSP. No matter how revered Daniel is I think it'simportant to highlight when he makes woeful plays. I believe in relaying balanced and accurate information to my audience/readership. I am studying to become a journalist you know.
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