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  1. Because my advice isn't very good in these spots either. But my point is if I'm recognising that your advice on a hand sucks, then it really does.This is why you need to listen to people like tskillz (instead of arguing things that really don't matter), and is the same reason why I do and don't post, because they're a lot better than me, and you.
  2. You asked which advice I thought was horrendous, and you got it.I'm not saying you specifically are the reason for people leaving, but posts like the one you made.Anyway, thats all I have to say. So gl with being a superstar!
  3. What lesson was that?"How to play bad poker 101: By Royal_Tour"Not a lesson I want to learn, thanks.
  4. I know you're not actually asking me to "learn, improve and enjoy the discussion" but to just argue and get defensive. I'm not going to find all your jems but here's a good one anyway. So much lol here. You're telling him to bet for information. Then you tell him to c/c or c/f? How's he going to know which is best? Why do you think c/c is good? You simply state an action and give no reasoning for it. The fact that you're arguing such a stupid little point here is why the good posters don't post here much anymore.
  5. Maybe instead of arguing a moot point you should listen to tskillz and you might learn something.
  6. Lol. So you want him to fold out all his bluffs and only call when we're behind? Thats fine if you have KJ on this board, but why would you do this with 88 here?
  7. I doubt it. If you 'knew how to play' then you'd be able to exploit these peoples weaknesses and wouldn't be whinging about them going all in preflop with 'anything suited'.
  8. TBH when I wrote that the post was directed towards online BR management. I'd have no idea bout live...
  9. Try 3/6 LHE on stars. Let me know when you're playing.
  10. 300BB's for anything under 2/4 is okay. Over that it sucks because swinging 100BB's in a session which happens kinda regularly can really stress you out. I like 500 - 1000 personally.
  11. Villian has a J here 0% of the time imo.When a villian donk/calls the flop then donks the turn on a boad with no draws, it's always the weakest hand ever. I'd raise turn and bet the river unless he donks the river, in which case I'd raise him again. He'd show me 5x here like 95% of the time imo.
  12. Well done dude. But next time just win it plz.
  13. Ask yourself this question. Is it a mistake to put all your money in the pot with the STONE COLD NUTS?You wouldn't have asked this had you not lost the hand. BBFIDTS./thread.
  14. Fix up these leaks and be a more profitable player?
  15. 1. Ak is a monster at 10/20 with 1500 chips. You hate getting it? Horrible thinking imo. What you mean is you hate folding it post flop so you lose chips all the time because you get married to it.2. YES YOU GET THE SAME ANSWER. Here's a clue getting your money in good is a good thing. Are you saying fold because he could have a worse hand and you get knocked out? Horrible thinking imo.Be rolled for the games you play and stop whinging about suckouts.
  16. You know this is the short handed limit forum right?
  17. Diet coke > Coke > Pepsi Light > Pepsi > ... > semen > Pepsi Max.
  18. Easy way to remember is which ever way the little end is pointing is worse/less than.
  19. If this is true, then you can't complain about the outcome.
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