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  1. the dude worked basically 70 hours for his $7.5 million, and the staff got paid to do their jobs, if they dont like the amount they make they can go find something else. practically everyone jumping on hachem for tippin 100 bucks, who cares. its his 100 to tip or not to tip. thats his money and after taxes hell prolly take home $5 million (approx.) why does anyone here care about the tip?the hell with the dealers, if they are so great they'd be getting paid more then they are. but they arent getting paid more, so im suppose to tip them despite the fact that they are doing their jobs??? thats
  2. the show was good when they played poker... but i expect it to be a much different season, since eddie won and gave miami and i dont remember the black guys name money. so unless they are going to have to join forces again, it wont be anything like the same show...unless they steal from oceans twelve and have the bad guy want his $5 million back, which would 1) be a total ripoff of oceans twelve which wasnt good and 2) would just plain suck
  3. i say go all-in. 2250 in the pot all limpers... i have A8o i push here UTG folds, which leaves BB, seat 3 and button left... the only hands im really scared of is A9-AK: where im a 70-30 to 3-1 dog AA-88: where im a 94-6 to 70-30 dog77-22: 57-43 to 52-48 dog COIN FLIPthose are the only real hands to be afraid of and i dont there will be 2 limpers especially one with position that will slow play AA-99 or AK, AQ. the BB could have anything... seat 3 probably has low pocket pair 55 or less, OR mid suited connectors...the button could just be wanting to see a cheap flop with suited connectors, rea
  4. thers 169 hands... AA-22= 13 handsAK-A2= 24 hands 12 off suit 12 suitedKQ-K2= 22 hands 11 off 11 suitedQJ-Q2= 20JT-J2= 18T9-T2= 1698-92= 1487-82= 1276-72= 1065-62= 854-52= 643-42= 432 = 213+24+22+20+18+16+14+12+10+8+6+4+2= 169 you arent taking suit into account, but BOTH cards can be suited
  5. Killer Poker and Killer Poker Online by John VarhousZen and the art of Poker by Larry Phillipsone taught me to play it, the other taught me to not complain about it
  6. 1 the bad beats/slow players dont bother mewhen i screw up it bothers me, but i just ask myself why i the f*** i just did that when i knew what he had then i go play again. it takes a bit to get to me at poker
  7. its about 50-50 with them, usually though i have to take them off to make sure i can see the board.
  8. i used to play there, never had a problem. I only stopped because my friend was at Ultimate Bet and its easier for us both to play at the same site so in bigger tourneys we can watch the other with less hassle then having 2 diff sites on the screen.
  9. Roger Williams University Bristol, Rhode Island Graduate in a month with a BS (i guess i dunno nor really care) in Political Sciencelookin for work hopefully around baltimore but id much rather not
  10. ill see a flop no raise though. assuming small is 2-5s if i miss the flop im out. 6-9s i raise min with. 10-As raise BIG. i actually play those like that all the time. then its all based on reads post flop.
  11. my friend was in a $5 +.50 turbo tourney at UB, and someone had the screenname _PhilHelmuthmy friend doesnt think it was him cuz its a $5 tourney at 11pm why would phil play that?my rationale is basically, phil is sponsered by UB, i doubt they would let someone take his name as a screen name so i guess it is himanyone know?
  12. if we can use ANY PLAYERS EVER then1. Doyle Brunson2. Johnny Moss3. Wild Bill Hickok (i think thats right)4. Doc Holiday5. Stu Ungar6. Phil Hellmuth7. Nick "The Greek" Dandolas8. Johnny Chan9. ME10. Anthony DefranciscoOK, Anthony is a friend so i want him at the table too... doyle cuz he is the best. moss cuz he is better than doyle. wild bill and doc cuz i wanna know how good they were. stu cuz he is the best who ever lived. hellmuth cuz he's great at holdem. the great cuz he played in the biggest game before the biggest game was invented (heads up vs Moss for 6 months straight, stopping only
  13. karasz5 + .50 mutli's/sng's10+1 mutli/sng's.10-.25 lim/no lim cashgotta start somewhere right? feel free to bug me whenever u like
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