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  1. I've got almost 10K in FCP points. I wonder if they'll ever be good for anything
  2. I've read how it works but haven't read any reasoning behind it. Why have a kill ? Who benefits ? Who loses ?
  3. Thanks for the info. What's the deal with the kill ? Is that just to increase the rake ?
  4. Does anyone know if the KC riverboat casinos have poker ? If so what games do they spread.Thanks
  5. I believe I was on the button so yes he would have been first to act after the flop and most likely would have pushed anyway, but I would have the choice to lay it down and survive a hand or two more. I thought then and still think pushing is the right play but you know how it is when you get knocked out. Second guessing and all that.thanks again
  6. Well my read was good. He had AK and flopped a king which is why I'm asking in the first place. Just wondering if I should have flat called and made my decision after the flop. thanks
  7. approximat chip counts and payouts from memory. I don't know how to get hand histories from fcp1-200 K2 93 K3 63 K4 58K1st ~$32002nd $19003rd $12004th $800
  8. So I'm in the final four with pocket jacks. Chip leader raises to 24K in front of me. Should I push ? Chip leader is tight aggressive and has only shown down premium hands I figure him for 2 over cards.blinds 4000-8000chip leader around 200Kme 63 K
  9. Here's the final table1 Vonteego30 2 HubTEX 3 rzitup0 4 General.5 fmnyny 6 X__Xs__X 7 Snickers99 8 StabbyPete 9 Mcs10240 10 PuntMuffer0
  10. That's me the bubble boy. Raised with pocket tens got reraised and called. Dude had pocket Kings DohOh Well, it was fun while it lasted.
  11. How much do they give you in chips at that level ? Anybody know ?
  12. Stupid party poker. I was going to play some blackjack while I waited for DN's game to start but it won't let me. Stupid Party poker !!
  13. I'm not sure. I haven't read 2+2 in awhile and I'm not sure what name I registered under. If it's a frequent poster then no it's not me.
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