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  1. Got a automated call from Netspend Visa yesterday, said they were going to abide by the UIGEA and would no longer allow deposits to be made. Anyone else get this call?
  2. DN needs a rush...................... RIGHT NOW
  3. Thanks so much for all the updates...................you the man
  4. I qualified ina 150 fpp tourney, good luck to everyone else who is playing !!!
  5. RayPowers, I agree it is a crime we can't drink beer at work
  6. I cast my vote for you, by the way your way ahead 136 2nd has 48Good Luck
  7. Doesn't take the code, I put in 20125 and click and it says enter a a valid chip code, any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Just wondering if anybody knew anything on TILT, is it returning or cancelled?
  9. in answer to your question, I was sure he had a jack, i knew full well i could get beat, i didn't figure him for 2 pair on the flop, because he did not raise me back and yes i took a chance when the queen came and it cost me, i was trying to accumulate chips as someone said these these blinds go up quick. I should have probally pushed in on the flop, was my best chance to take it down, but i believe i would have been called anyway.I appreciate everyones response and opinions. Thanks
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