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  1. unfourtionately alot of people like to play a X hands against preflop raises while being dominated hoping to flop 2 pair.however you cant really be worried about that too much.BB's range seems like a medium sized pair or a big ace.UTg's range is actually pretty wide because he will be way more likely to call with alot of suited aces and pairs and medium cards for the odds he was getting on his money. im not saying hed be right to call but its just more likely.given the flop we are almost certainly ahead of the BB. utg is kind of a mystery. but i would expect to see aoot of hands like a 10 and
  2. i wouldnt say your call was incorrect. however some important info is missing:what was the size of the pot vs what you had to call? regardless you had put close to a third of your stack in the pot before the shove. thats a pretty serious ammount. if you raised thinking you had the best hand you prolly should be hoping that the silly donkey shoves with his crappy diamond draw(if indeed your read is solid).really its not about whether or not you should gamble with the donkey. its just basically the math. are you getting good pot odds to flip as a slight favorite and is it worth it to you to try
  3. unless he called with suited connectors in the 45-910 range...then ure boned.
  4. I like the shove here, although at this level a smallish raise to say 1200 will usually fold out most hands. if the blind or the limper call just shove the flop and they will almost certainly fold to you. but if you shove pre they may call for a 60 40 race that they may have folded to a flop shove.only other thing id say is be careful when someone limps in front of a short stack in these levels too, because people frequently start limping big hands to get players like the CO to shove with inferior cards because of the pot odds.alot of times at these levels MP3 limps with any 2 face cards, and
  5. it was a good fold regardless of what they ended up showing. you really dont wana take aq 3 handed in this spot. some of your outs have to be gone. and one is likely to turn over a pair.
  6. i really like the flop bet, it looks like a probe or a continuation bet and isint likely to fold out the hands you beat and are drawing slim against you.you shouldnt be checking the turn in this spot. at this point villian should have hit this board. if he has a hand like kq your letting him see his str8 for free if it hits. and not getting any new info from villian on what exactly his flop call of your bet meant. you needed to fire the turn.
  7. the thing is even if you re raise all in pre flop villian's pretty much never folding queens given that you have a fairly aggro rep at the time. he still would have spiked the set and you still would lose.the only way you get out alive is if you make a miracle read and know that he hit his set. but i think folding in this spot is poor.
  8. while that makes sense, shouldnt you narrow villians range a little due to the fact hes calling an "aggro" players raise OOP?most players wouldnt want to play trash OOp against an aggro player because we can be sure of the continuation bet on the flop...i would expect him to be playing at least some kind of hand that has value. like 78 at the lowest connector and any 2 face cards.that being said after he shoves your lead on the flop i would expect the absolute worst hand villian tables to be j 10 for bottom pair and an open ender.
  9. lol thats one of the times where it can be worthwhile. tho as a general rule you should always use ure image to your advantage.
  10. i think this spot sucks. your range in villians eyes has to not be very good. he certainly wont put you on ak.you are raising a lot and not really showing anything down. you do not have a tight reputation.IMO the only way youd be ahead here is if villian was playing a hand like k10,q10,or jack 10 maby even k9. i'm not gonna put aq in or even a j in villians range because i think with your rep he would have re raised pre with aq and i dont think he would be willing to go all in with bottom pair here with aj after youve allready led into a flop that should have hit you somehow.but 2 pair makes t
  11. lol i'm mad at pocket jacks right now so i say fold. 3 times in a 45 man 5$ sit n go on stars i had this play out exactly. i raise 4 bbs with pocket jacks, later position shoves, i call. shover turns over aces. 3 times in the same tourney all with 3 different people.lol but i think the right play is to call. i'd say villians range should be something like 88+ aq and ak. though aq i would say is the absolute rock bottom of his range. though maby KQ suited if hes mentally handicapped when it comes to poker.
  12. alot of people see the final tables on espn and the WPT and see people going all in with medium PPs and think "if the pros do it it must be a good idea!"but smart people usually know that those final tables are edited and cant tell you the reads the shover has. and most people dont realize how high the blinds are late game in relation to the stacks(on those tables aired) but what copern said is dead on.
  13. i totally agree that villian turns over a set pretty much never.overpairs are just as rare IMO. but ive seen this line taken by donks when they hit a raggedy 2 pair on the flop like j2. but its rare. (say 15%ish)would you not say mid pair or bottom pair with a weak kicker is semi bluffing? he has a pair so if he gets called he figures his 7 is live and he can still find one of the last 2 eights(thats donk outs but you gotta think like the enemy so you knew hes not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed) his bet is totally donkish obviously, because the only hand that should be calling his all
  14. or he wants you to call with ace high thinking he has nothing when he in fact has second pair. maniacs get chips becase when the shove with nothing they get lucky sometimes and hit. but everyone remembers they shoved with nothing and then when someone hero calls with ace high they turn over second pair....now hero is out and squandered the opportunity to abuse position with solid cards. he could easily wait for a better spot. the manic cant get lucky for ever....maximize your chances.ljb, i noticed when you listed your range for villian you put down all the low likely suited connectors he woul
  15. thats how maniacs get there chips....even if he wasnt a maniac the 8 and the 10 are way in his limp call range of suited connectors. its too easy for ace high to be no good here.
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