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  1. It was the not the intentional policy of the US government to have a weak dollar; it's merely the confluence of various factors that has caused it.There are economic benefits to having a strong currency, and there are economic benefits to having a weak one. A weak currency does not lead to prosperity. In the long run, the most prosperous nations have the strongest currencies and the highest labour costs (i.e. rich countries have wealthy people who earn lots of money), so long-term weakness in a currency is a sign that something is wrong.I don't think this is going to be a long-term thing - wit
  2. Saddam's Iraq was a secular state - he himself was a great admirer of Stalin. In no way, save for their general hatred of the US, did Saddam and the Islamofascists have a common ideology. Saddam was probably on Al Qaeda's target list.About the MLB unions. Umm, they help major league baseball players earn a lot of money.Before the union got any teeth, baseball owners could get away with grossly underpaying their players, claiming they didn't have the money. Holdouts by star players were common, while ordinary players had no bargaining power at all. The owners claimed that free agency would bank
  3. Ha ha,No, but a few cruise missiles from time to time should have served as enough of a reminder for Saddam.
  4. Who is suppose to handle when a dictator ignores the world's idea of human rights and is in posession of enough oil to destabalize the world's economy.Are you talking about Saudia Arabia? When does that invasion start?
  5. Even the countries that aren’t taking part in it are aware of the fact the area needs to be stabilizedWell, Iraq was pretty stable under Saddam. They were producing a ****-load of oil for the world until UN sanctions kicked in after the 1st gulf war.It would have been better for the world to say - "We'll give you a mulligan on Kuwait, Mr. Hussein. Just don't do it again."
  6. I understand the history behind it, hundreds of years ago nation wide elections in the states were not possible, but why in the world do you still use these systems, what are the positive sides, heck the electorates don't even have to vote as the state voted, what's that about?For the same reason they don't use metric (I'll leave that to you to figure out).
  7. It's no use arguing with the likes of LV ...I'll wager that, to him, any European to the left of Thatcher is a socialist.My personal belief is that, from a completely objective perspective, humanity is a plague on the earth.
  8. Pollution and deforestation are bigger problems than global warming. Except for people who live near sea level (which is a lot by the way).
  9. Not for the American poker player who believes all games are wagering games and the point is to amass any advantage any way possible.I have to say you are totally full of it.If I'm playing poker with you and Imake a huge overbet on the river. Then, while, you are considering calling, I pull out a loaded gun and say "I would fold if I were you". This must be permissable, after all, I'm just trying to amass any advantage any way possible (those are your words). And pulling out a gun puts a little bit of extra pressure on my opponent, doesn't it.It would be a huge overgeneralization to say that A
  10. I also think that is the main point. A close second is the fact that lying about your hcp/abilility in golf is seen as serious cheating on this side of the atlantic.It's also seen as serious cheating from where I sit - and that is in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Negreanu also sees it as cheating, and I know this because he wrote a blog about it last year, about a guy who misrepresents his golf abilities in order to get overwhelmingly favourable odds. And he didn't write that blog implying he condoned it - quite the contrary.
  11. There is no enforcement mechanism here.Ram won't pay and that's that. Why? Because he feels he was conned (or hustled if you prefer that term - same thing). If you feel you've been cheated and pay up anyway you are a MAJOR SUCKER (unless there are severe penalties for not paying such as violence or jail time). Frankly, I don't understand how people can say in the same breath: 1) Ivey hustled Ram and 2) Ram should pay up. A good con must remain undetected until the mark pays you off; no one expects a mark to pay if they discover they've been conned before the money changes hands.Daniel at least
  12. Julian Gardner.Paul Phillips is retired from poker - he plays scrabble now.
  13. Poker Stars has a very good FPP system - playing more often leads to increasingly valuable benefits (points accumulate faster; better access to freerolls). And I still think the PStars software is smoother than FT's.There is also the critical mass argument - the larger a site is, the easier it is to attract more players because game selection becomes easier. But FT has PStars beat in terms of high limit games - that's for sure.
  14. The fact remains that, other than a couple of small buy in WSOP events (which aren't deep stack tourneys), Hellmuth hasn't had much tournament success these last few years. His record in WPT events (events with slow blind structures) pales in comparison to the likes of Negreanu, Lindgren, S Nguyen, JC Tran, Greenstein and many others.I echo Matusow - [to Hellmuth] " You a hasbeen, you won in the old days."
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