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  1. Flatting would be tough since he can fire at almost any Flop and you are still stuck in a bloated pot with no additional knowledge unless you hit a 9. Obv one spot where being OOP is an advantage to your opponent if they can get the last bet in PF. You need a pretty good read on this player to flat here, even IP, IMO. Folding/shoving ... TT/99 are usually the tilting point for most tournament players when it comes to shoving. I think the raise size is interesting since it still leaves your opponent room to fold to a shove as it gives off a hint of weakness but at the same time could be
  2. A few things missing here ... what kind of tournament? sit-n-go or multi-table? My guess is sit-n-go ... What were the blinds at the time? As far as the play ... It was a move that you were supposed to fold to this early in the tournament with no reads on your opponent. You didnt have chips to spare as you would be (and were) left with less than 200 if you lose. You very well couldve (shouldve) been dominated by AA/KK/QQ/AK in this spot. This is what the player was trying to make you think by shoving and probably in 90% of these spots you will be up against at least a pocket pair. Do
  3. Welcome to the site ... as far as your comments ... 1) This player got lucky, yes .. and he was boasting about it for some reason after hitting a one-outer but the thread quickly got out of hand and off topic. It evolved into an 'overall' skill level of play rather than focusing on this hand directly. He had a plan for the hand AND IT WASNT hitting trips on the Flop, it was using a read on an opponent in an attempt to steal a pot on a board that didnt favor the opponent. The hand never got to that point since he did hit trips and (thankfully) hit quads on the Turn or he wouldve been hu
  4. 2 of last 5 ME winners from Michigan!! And the state Gaming Control Board is attacking the charity rooms that we play in. Too bad ... build us a casino on the west side of the state so we can play without driving 2 hours please!! Played with a regular at Ryan's room in my room last night. And of course he said he wasn't that impressed with him. But when we continued our conversation at the differences of cash v tournaments we both conclude that we play much different. It seems Ryan has figured out a tournament style that works and has made a quick parlay of his previous circuit succes
  5. What are you representing PF with 32? The first caller only has to call 22 into 50+ and anyone after that is that much more priced in. If you are going to 3-bet, then do it!! A larger 3-bet will also make it easier for you to fold to a 4-bet ... unless they think you are loose loose with this move and 4-betting you light. Forget your holdings for this move, but do it with a meaningful sized bet so you can take it down or cross fingers (that would be the time to worry about your holdings). I agree this is a much better move with 98/97 than K10 ... This is a great board and yet you have
  6. Comes down to the table dynamic for sure ... You had the original (early position raiser) and another caller (less worried about) behind your cold call of a 3-bet. If either of these players would 'most' likely 4-bet this with a large portion of their opening/PF range then you are buring up money and will end up folding PF. The focus on set flopping odds here is a bit skewed IMO. You flop a set about once every 9 pocket pairs. In this hand ... at this table ... with these players ... would you get paid off when you actually do hit a set. Is either the B or UTG+ a nit with a narrow rang
  7. Flop play comes down to your history. I you had done some non-cbetting in the past then its ok to use the Ace as a scare card and check/call the Flop. If you 'almost always' cbet, then it does look strong to c/c the Flop. 'Knowing' that he is going to bet is fine as well ... but I still think it's more about you than him here on the Flop. Nothing wrong with hiding the strenght of your hand for one street OOP. On the Turn the check/call is going to look fairly strong so I would probably opt for the min-raise here. He has around 415 behind? So you need to give him decent odds to contin
  8. This was bound to happen ... and it just happened sooner rather than later. The all-in reaction is a bit much but DN can get emotional very quickly as we know. He couldve just left and blinded off for a bit. But with this being a re-entry (?) I can see this reaction coming to the surface as well. DN (and others) have been very vocal about this rule and with it happening to someone soundly against it a major battle shouldve been expected. Question? Don't casinos have cameras? Floor couldve reviewed footage and actually helped create a better ruling here for all to learn from. Next sh
  9. I dont know that you would ever bet on someone to win this event. Maybe just making final table. That would leave more room for some variance while considering the 'advantage' that one player may have over the average player. Of course any bet is supposed to take those type of factors into consideration. What's great about these bets is that the booking agent may not have to pay anyone!! Football dont work that way ...
  10. Battle of the Blinds ... How does your opponent view your c-bet? As just a c-bet or something a little more solid? Would you see a raise from AQ PF or more likely here on the Flop? I dont mind the raise PF, but when you see a call and aggression on the Flop you are really in a tough spot here OOP against most opponents I would think. Sure you could call and see a Turn, what do you do if the 2s hits and you get raised or bet into big? There are so many bad cards, even a K, that can hit the Turn that you would have to 'barrel' through with no kicker. Your decisions here have to be based
  11. B/F is a great to look at this situation. My first thought was to put yourself IP more often since its where you are most comfortable betting these tough Rivers. Of course you cant always do that and need to try to play well from every position. Another way to get more value if you are uncomfortable on the River is to bet more on Flop and Turn so the pot is 'big enough' going into the River that you wont feel shorted if it checks through. Another way to do this would be to check through more Turns OOP and then bet out on River even if its a scare card. Every time you give an opponent a
  12. Typical survey ... asking the same questions differnently to gage similar responses. Survey results are always interesting ... Enjoy is you please.
  13. Apparently most of you didn't know that Stu Ungar and Chip Reese were living a double life ... I certainly didn't ...
  14. On the main hand in question here ... yes, the BB wants to lead out or just smooth the raise and see what happens in both cases. This is a very dangerous board with 'just' one pair and only 6 cards that can help you improve if you are behind. I folded both AA and KK in other hands yesterday post-Flop ... and was right in both cases. I may be giving a 'results' orientated remarks, but I was 'in the zone' yesterday but trying to keep myself in check for the next session.
  15. Big time 'Thank you' to this hand as I just won a very nice pot yesterday with similar action. I held QsJh in late position .. 1-2NL (plays more like 2-5) ... I opened ($550 stack)for $12 and was raised by Button ($200 stack, VERY TIGHT) to $30 and then the SB ($475, VERY LOOSE) and I flat. Flop is KsQcJs ... SB and I check and Button puts out $75, SB smooths. I pause while putting SB on a draw, maybe combo draw. He didn't isolate Button pre-Flop as I think he would have with me in the hand. He was very tilty from losing an $800 stack a short time ago also. The Button was a harder cho
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