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  1. Thx Answer20. It was a multiple table online tournement.
  2. Answer 20 thanks for explaining some of that to me.
  3. I'm an admitted beginner so I have a lot to learn about expanding my range of starters and betting strategy. So I hope I'm not coming off appearing totally stupid here. But someone please explain to me how this was a wise move, besides that the gamble paid off. This was in an online tournement. 9 players at the table. Was the 10th hand into the tourney. I was in middle position Villians in late. Stacks Hero(me): 1135 Villian1: 465 Villian2: 940 Pre-flop: All but 3 of us fold. I end up in early position with KdQd. I bet 120. Villian1 calls. Vilian2 goes all in 940. I call as I h
  4. Okay maybe I'm a donk for just replying to a thread that's over a year old in its origin. But I have to say. I'm a beginner just starting to enter the next level. This was a donk move that not even a beginner (like me) would try from stupidity. This is what I have learned from this post. 1) When players make donk moves and get lucky they find it hard to admit they got lucky and instead think it was skill. 2) Only play in the same room with the same people all the time. Thus eventually you get to know their patterns and you can tell how they will play every preflop they get. - I'm bei
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