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  1. They will want to, but you will turn them down!And then introduce them to your friends!Who will also turn them down.
  2. Bad Movie IdeaThe location is a small nameless country. We are shown people making the worst decision possible at every point of the day. The movie could start with a montage of such moments. A man comes to a crosswalk and sees the red light with speeding traffic in each direction. He, of course, crosses the street miraculously unharmed. A stunningly beautiful woman gives her phone number to a disgusting, poor slob. The slob throws it away. Just people making horrible decisions all the time. Then we meet our hero. He is at work and stumbles upon a fund of $30 million that he could easily claim
  3. I’ve been touring the country for years, entertaining people like nobody’s business. It’s been a long, arduous journey, but I’ve learned things along the way, things which I think it’s time I shared. Wanna see what I got, OK? Haha, right, let’s do this then.Usually I start my set with a killer joke, the following never fails to disappoint.“I think I’d like to be a nomad! Hahhaaha, why? That way I’d never be mad again. Llooll!!! Hey, Galactic Ray the nomad, are you mad?? I’m NO MAD! Haha”Then I follow up with my egg joke. I re-enact a typical scene in a grocery store. I play both the
  4. OSU can't spell in national title games? What an odd affliction.Could this be another case of the Dangling Modifiers?
  5. When you can modify people's thoughts, hiding in plain sight is not a problem. Take this last scene for example. When the villains and gangsters search the warehouse they will see the Dangling Modifiers, but how will they alert their bosses? Why they would call out to them, of course. But here is how it would go:Mob thug: "After searching the warehouse for enemies, the Dangling Modifiers hang from the ceiling."Mob Boss: "I know they hang from the ceiling when they wish to wreck our plans! Do you see them now?"Mob thug: "Having considered the Dangling Modifiers' position, fleeing is the
  6. Dangling Modifiers Mania is sweeping the nation! Thank you for all the kind words. At least, I think they were kind words. As a reward for your overwhelming support, here is another scene from the movie. Or the next SNL skit, if that is the direction that will give me the most fame and fortune. And paparazzi. I don't really like paparazzi, but I do like the idea of running over some toes. That seems like fun.And away we go...Setting: An abandoned warehouse.Three large men with large guns take a step into the warehouse. They quickly survey the area and then their gaze slowly moves up
  7. Please try to keep up. You see, the Dangling Modifiers can modify people's thoughts (but only while dangling). By controlling Spinoza's mind, they have wreaked havoc on the gangsters' conversation, turning them against each other.Confusion is their weapon!
  8. The buzz around the country is palpable! People need more Dangling Modifiers!Thank you, FCP, for showing such restraint in your excitement. I worried that the anticipation might prove too much resulting in calamitous catastrophes. You might think that’s redundant, but no, I assure you the danger is very real. Since you have proven yourselves capable of such exhilaration, I will now share with you a scene from the Dangling Modifiers movie.The scene opens in a darkened, misty alley. The only illumination is from streetlights at the ends of the alley. Two men in overcoats enter the alleyway s
  9. Lawyer: "Objection!"Judge: "On what grounds?"Lawyer: "A case of Brown v. U.S. would set precedence."Judge: "A case like that might set precedence, but we deal with specific cases in this court room."Lawyer (to his assistant): "Go to an office and get a book about patents."Assistant (returning with eight different books about patents): "You weren't clear about which book!"
  10. Thank you for your condolences. In fact, the journey was both more arduous and more effortless than you understand. For you see, I visited many a forum, not solely this one, to share my story. (Remember, this is a marketing campaign.) But while traveling to forums far and wide I was actually able to do so from the comfort of my own home. There is this magical invention called the "world wide web" in which I can visit all of these places in no time at all! Indeed now is the time to strike!By strike, I mean, of course, to strike at the hearts and minds of Hollywood with this phenomenal id
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