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  1. I would like to be able to play multiple accounts as well to avoid getting anqalysed to mutch by poker tracker software.Mayby that's why it is not allowed. To make it easier for the pokerrooms to analyse for cheaters.
  2. Its my experience that when in doubt if you should play, it's best not to play.When I start playing andf not really wanting to, I tend to take more risks which can pay-off but ussually don't.
  3. I'm playing Stryyke poker a lot.A skin for the ongame network and they are recruiting with very good cash bonusses.
  4. I understand, but why wouldn't he skip the PLO tourney and wait for the 10k LH?
  5. Anyone else thinks its a little odd that Daniel didn't focus on the $10,000 Limit Hold'em event?Considering that's his bread and butter game and got him 2 out of the 4 bracelets.
  6. The reason it has failed a lot historically is because of the existance of 2 major power blocks, the US and Russia. There intrests where almost always conflicting so pretty mutch every vote was Veto'd by one or the other.
  7. I like America as well, just not the way your government is running this now. I added to the personal reasoning (US government) to indicate that is was in the personal intrest of certain US government officials not as mutch Bush personal. I do not believe it was or is in the best intrest of the US citizens. There was definatly a conflict between the UN an Iraq. It is not the only one. There have been conflicts between North-Korea, China, Sudan, etc, etc, etc. However no one asked the US to invade Iraq because of this conflict, there where still diplomatic outs, but the US decided to attack pre
  8. Nope Dutch all the way, we'll apart from the Year I lived in CA. The main reason is that he got the US and most of the Western world involved in an unjust war. 9/11 was an monstrosity. Going after Bin Laden in Afganistan,fine.Then came Iraq. There are multiple problems with this. WOMD where claimed to be there and that was the main reason that Iraq should be attacked. That and the fact that UN inspecters where not allowed in the country. Not really surprising since but a few years agao they where at war with the rest of the world.Anyways the alliances in Europe and the US population where lied
  9. Thnx, Unfortunatly I dropped out the second hand of the tournie when my top 2 pair got cracked by a bottom set
  10. You never won the debat. You argue like a girl. Never allowing something as small as logic, reason or fact get in your way of making a point.
  11. Seen Sicko lately?47 mil without healthcare on a population of about 300
  12. As stated earlier I am the not American guy.Furthermore the estimate of oil running out in 30 years is reality, especially with the Chineze economie heating up. Well you should get it right. IF you count those, you can;t state that no terorist attack has been made since 9/11, since US bases (US soil) are taking fire regularly. Therefore I specifically stated that I did not include them. Actualy I got a Bachelor in that field. You claim your economy is doing great? There are no 50 million Americans without health insurance? Ya, you didn;t know before how bad he would be, but after his first ter
  13. Haven't read the rest of the posts.The facts:- No terrorist attacks on American soil since 9/11.Very true, now your army gets attacked constantly in the country they are stationed. Before 9/11 when was the last attack on US soil (not counting ambassies, but actual US mainland?) where talking pearl harbor. So thats hardly an achievement.-One of the best economies? You really haven't heard of your morgage crises which could setoff the worst recession since the 30ties? Because the dollar is in a freefall your export is increasing, since your products are getting relativly cheaper. However compani
  14. You don't get the question. I am certainly not unhappy with how the hand turned out or how I played it.The question is:In this situation, do you try to rake up 1300 chips more with the chance of ending your tournement OR settle for a decent pot with 1300 less, but the option (although you would need a lot of luck) to get back the chips you lost?
  15. Only when you are wearing wooden shoes
  16. How big is he? I now someone, who knows someone who could handle that .No seriously, something like that can be very,very anoying. I don't know him, but there are 2 categories of anoying exes:1) The ones who you could scare of by having a big guy paying him a visit.2) The one's with which that would only cause an escalation and knowing the dutch police that's not a good situation.In that case try blackmail or tell everyone he tell's your still together that you would be still together, but he was just not able to satifsfy you due to his incredible small penis.
  17. Yup, playing the Dutch poker champioenschip one. Got qualified and now gotta end top 60 tommorrow for the life final.
  18. You want defining moments?Take up boxing.That's just you and the other guy and if you get creamed there is no one to blame but yourself. If you win you'll feel great, you get moved up the later and that goes on until you come agross the guy who makes you feel, well not so great. Then your humble again.
  19. Played for a couple of months on occasion on very low limits.Then won a satilite, that lead to a satilite, that lead to a > 10k win.That got my attention.
  20. Really? That would be a serious invasion of privacy. Does anyone have there user agreement where that is stated?
  21. I wonder how they are going to look at software om my computer?
  22. I might be inclinded to do a check-raise denpending on the other action. Check, no raisers, see the turn.Check-bet-fold-fold then i'd check raise.When check-bet-raise-fold I'm out.
  23. Sure your not just making advertisement?
  24. Dude, there are a lot of places in the world with better/faster internet then in the US.
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