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  1. Now that I'm 21...I'm interested! in both the poker and golf!- TR
  2. - Won two free trips to Seattle and San Diego playing the Pokemon trading card game- Made money in the stock market in 2008 (lol)- Started working in radio at the age of 15- I'm a rabid Minnesota Timberwolves fan (there's like 4 of us in the world) and I more or less met Kevin Garnett
  3. Do I honestly believe that Sarah Palin circa 2008 is not only electable, but ready to be President? No. Check back with me in 2012, especially if she takes Ted Stevens' Senate seat.I also genuinely like her, I can't help it.
  4. Whoa, okay didn't mean to ignite a firestorm. Might've come across a bit snide because I was annoyed with another political conversation at the time, and for that I'm sorry.I think Sarah Palin is a symbol of returning to true small government and fiscal conservatism. Nobody's offering that right now. If a better candidate appears and takes the stage, so be it, but I think she's the best symbol of what I'd like to see out of the Republican party right now. She's also not a nutso, despite what the media has tried to say about her (i.e. she supported equal economic rights for gay workers in Alask
  5. The left could never understand what makes Palin attractive to those of us on the right.Assuming she gets some more experience (US Senate one time?) and becomes a better interviewee... I think she has a future in the GOP.I think a big mistake for the Republican party in 2012 would be to continue down this road of being "Democrats-lite". We're not going to win with a McCain type. We need to actually argue conservatism and support small gov't.I hope this happens. Oh, and you won the election. Give it up already about how "dumb" you think Sarah Palin is because you saw a 5 minute clip on TV. It j
  6. Although I think that was sort of sarcastic, I'm going to address it anyway because I've heard people legitimately call that bipartisan. If McCain appointed Lieberman to his cabinet, would that be bipartisan? Or Zell Miller?The way you guys feel about those guys is how Republicans feel about Chuck Hagel.
  7. I think we should be more worried about the prolonged sunspot minimum than global warming.- TR
  8. With all the bailouts happening and the ridiculous exponential growth of government in the past couple decades, when will people decide they've had enough and go with a party that actually stands against big government?I voted Republican this election, and it was tough because I definitely hate big government and don't feel McCain would've been a great alternative. How many of you Republicans on this forum are with me on this? Do you see a future where the party abandons social control and runs on straight libertarian values?I know I don't post a whole lot but I lurk moar... and I really value
  9. What I found sexist about the comment was that Nimue gave her some theoretical bimbo position, when Sarah Palin would probably be more than qualified to be a Secretary in many different departments, especially energyI'm sick of the ranting towards Sarah Palin. Call me bitter because my side is losing.
  10. Outside of misspeaking and not interviewing well, what's wrong with her? How is she any worse than our current President?That was a bad interview but she's had plenty of good interviews, too.She was necessary to convince the conservatives McCain was on their side. Picking almost anybody else... Romney even, imo, would've worried the base.- TR
  11. The fundamentals of the economy ARE still strong. We still have a growing GDP, we still have a relatively low inflation rate (for the time being)... Now our trade deficit has even been reduced!Even Barney Frank said the fundamentals are still strong. And he's a Dem.- TR
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